I got fired three times in 2005

I was too slow to learn the first and second jobs and I was overheard using obscene language in the third job. I was 58 and old enough to know better.

The fourth job I kept till age 70 and I retired.

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  • I am 31 still struggling to make my career it seems like some of us r born to live like a parasite

  • Self entitled millennial's so often don't want to earn the stripes or pay the dues. They just "want" it and wonder why it doesn't work out.

  • ^Entitled af, but can't do basic tasks that don't involve social media. Guess it takes more than "wanting" and a quirky avatar to get s*** done IRL, don't it?

    "But but but my generation is gonna fix everything, you stupid olds!"
    Yeah, you do that. Right after you finish eight months of specialized therapy because you were told to make handouts for a meeting and it didn't "feel good."

    Also, maybe first learn some fundamental skills like how to do laundry, sweep a floor, change a feckin' light bulb, have a conversation with someone face to face. THEN you can impress the rest of us with your so-called prowess, k?

  • Mils: u need 2 respect every1 no matter what

    Also Mils: ok boomer :)

    That mouthy little girl who got taken down by no less than Captain Kirk was a warning.

  • Maybe they just didn’t have the patience to help you learn. Some jobs want and expect more than any one person can put out. The part where you used obscene gestures is all on you.

  • I'm the OP and I'm 72. Even though its been well over a decade since I got fired for saying an obscene joke out loud I still have nightmares about doing something that stupid. Maybe by posting this someone else will be smart enough not to say things like that.

  • *MOST* jobs want and expect more than any one person can put out. It's called "being a cheap b******" and it happens when some selfish libertarian wants to play Lord of the Castle. They will expect you to do three different jobs for one low wage so they can load up their garage with shiny new cars, which they believe makes them a superior person. It's pretty sad, actually.

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