Spaghetti Freak Out

I want an opinion. I really want to know if Im over reacting.

I really am in love with spaghetti, especially from this restauraut: Dakota. i love it And my dad promised me spaghetti if I did some chores for him. I busted my ass all afternoon doing chores for him. than my brother got sick with a fever and he was like "sorry we cant go" then i started crying. Im 12. havent gotten my period yet. Is it jist my hormones that are making me freak out like this ? freaking out like that is not normal. can u tell me whats goingg on ?

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  • R u there hon... sweetie... hun... something something panty sniffing... sweetie... hun...

  • Honey, you're probably about to start your period. Hormones can make you feel crazy things. Trust me!! I will get SO upset over things that seem huge at the time and when I think back to what actually happened I realize that I was so totally over reacting because of hormones. Your dad was just being a good father to your sick brother. I'm sure once he's feeling better he'll take you out just like he promised (just remind him because men can be dense sometimes).

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