You know Heather by Conan Gray? Yeah...

So there’s these two boys in my class, one I’ve been in the same classes as him since 3 years ago (we’ll call him F) and the other who I started being in the same classes as him since 2 years ago (we’ll call him K).

I guess you could say I started liking both boys over time, but I never really came in terms with that fact because I didn’t want anything to be awkward between us.

So now time skip to this year, just a few days ago :’)

It was just this week when K confessed to my friend A that he likes her, I didn’t feel anything whatsoever for him anymore so it was ok I guess.

Then it was recently (can’t remember if it was a week ago or not) when F told me and A in a gc that he likes a friend of me and A’s, S.

Over time, I noticed how oddly obvious F was acting towards S, and I guess I felt jealous? The thing is, I don’t think I really have any strong feeling towards F so I don’t know anymore 😔

Next Confession

Caught my step brother

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