Come on guys

After a 2 year sabbatical I decided to "Get back on the horse", So I started dating again at 41 and wow, Not a lot out there to be honest.
Guy 1) Nice looking guy, Date 3 he gets some, I am on my hands and knees and he is in me from behind, Decent length, Little shy on girth but getting the job done and then he shoves his thumb in my bum, I'm like "No, No, Take that out, Get that out of there" and he comes in me with his thumb in my bum. (No 4th date)
Guy 2) An old college friends ex boyfriend, Met up one night and I decide to go for it, Missionary position, Not great length or girth but making it work, Literally 5 minutes in pulls out and comes, Limp, No chance of getting back up. (No round 2 or 2nd date)
Guy 3) Huge, Huge, Huge, I actually gasped when he pulled it out and I looked at him and said "Where do you think you are putting that?", Started out great other than a jaw cramp, Took a lot of work and a lot of lube but finally got it all in and I came twice, Yup, Twice, Once on top and once face down, He rolls me onto my back and after a couple minutes of me begging him to come he pulls out and shoots his load from my crotch and hits me in the face, And again, And again, And again. I'm like "Oh god, Oh god, Stop, Stop coming" and I've got my hands up, I had come on my hands, My face, My b****, My stomach, In my hair and on my head board, My frickin headboard.
Guy 3) Round 2, Decide to give him another chance and I actually did like him, I'm on my hands and knees, He is behind me licking and shoves his tongue in my bum, I scream and tell him no, He goes back to licking then starts rubbing it with his fingers, I tell him no, We are missionary and he is reaching around grabbing my bum and slides a finger in, Ok, I was a bit distracted by trying to manage with his huge c*** but still told him no and he gets mad...Really??? (Done)
Guy 4) Another minute man, literally blows his load, Rolls over and tells me I can finish myself if I want...Oh really? thanks for your permission.
Guy 5) Nope, Just nope...
Guy 6) Make up your mind, You want 300 positions and then stick it between my b**** and come on my neck...No thanks.
Guy 7) In the middle of getting laid he wants to know my history..."Ever lick p****, Ever take it in the ass, Ever watch your friends f***, Ever have a threesome, Ever been tag teamed", I stopped him before either of us came and I left.
Guy 8) Promising, Had s** 3 times, good size, Good technique, Didn't stick anything in my bum, Made sure I finished first then he pulled out, Came on my stomach and then leans in and licks it off my stomach, I gagged and ran out the door leaving my favorite bra there...Awkward standing in the corner store in a see through top and no bra with D-cup b**** while every drunk and loser comes in and doesn't even try to hide the fact they are looking right at my nips.
Guy 9) Ok, This has to be the one, Nope, Big ant eater foreskin hanging down and I just couldn't do it.
Guy 10) Lovely, On his couch flat on my back, Legs in the air and his d*** in me when I realize there are too many hands involved, I look up and his friend is standing beside the couch groping my b**** and jerking off.
Guy 11) A friend of my ex, Kind of a revenge thing, Afterward I realized he video taped it and showed my ex (F*** sakes)
So....30 days, 11 guys and not one I would call again, I get drunk with my friend and her cousin who I had never met before, I leave to walk home and somehow her cousin was walking with me, We end up at my place and she is coming onto me hard, So...Ok...What the h***, I go for it and she was the only one who, afterward made me want to do it again, So I did, She stayed with me for 2 nights and I am seriously contemplating making this more than a...Just...trial thing.
You may have missed out guys, We will see.


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  • You complain too much.

  • Go back to being on sabbatical. Your just a whining thing aren't you?

  • My straight as arrow wife and I had a 3 some with this lady who followed us, knowing we going to have s** on the beach. They both sucked my d*** a little, but wife pushed me away when i was about to stick it in her. I was doing her on all fours and the lady grabbed wife's hair and Had her lick her p****. 'If I can't have him I'll have you then' thing. In the heat of the moment she really got into it. So i think every women is naturally bi. Says she has no regrets . Doesn't plan to but could go girl again. From my view, inches away, it was awesome.

  • Do it, I started a relationship with a girl 6 months after getting divorced and it was the best decision of my life, I have my kids and although it took a bit of explaining things to them we are now in a full fledged relationship, Live together and it is awesome.

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