Girlfriend from years ago

I am a 49 now. When I was in 9th grade I had a really sexy gf who was way more expeieienced than I was. Ironically, we never had s** as I was terrified of getting her pregnant.
She was one of the best kissers ever.
Last night I was looking at the obituary section of our newspaper and saw that she had just died. I haven't seen her since high school.
I'm not still carrying a torch for her or anything. I just think it's sad because she wasn't old and her family must be devastated.
Kind of shocking.

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  • Damn that's pretty sad :(. Good to see old people use this website too though (not meant to be a jab at your age)

  • My high school sweetheart was by far the best at kissing than any other girl that I have kissed in my life! Unfortunately I don’t know if she ever felt the same way. I am now 70 and I can still remember those moments,!

  • I understand. Those earthquakes that start deep cause more rumbling and do more damage. I think you must feel like you lost someone valuable all over again, and more permanently. I'm sorry.

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