My Boyfriend Hates My Weight

So...I have always been a heafty gal. I was overfed as a child by my grandmother, and it developed into a disorder. When I was 12, I was 215 pounds. I dropped down to 172 when I met my boyfriend (3 years later), and everything was swell. We got along, he called me beautiful, he couldn't wait to talk to me.

As it happens, he and his family moved to Texas a year later. We talked every single night, and I slowly built up a good amount to see him. I got the money roughly four years after the move. During this period, I gained 10 pounds. When I visited him, he is happy to see me. But I could tell he wasn't happy about my figure. He hinted that I should lay off coffee. He said I should try an Egg Diet, or go vegan for a year. He even called me disproportionate when I wore a dress, because it was 99 degrees outside.

I went home after a week, and immediately get on a diet. However, he was becoming cold towards me. He suddenly got motivated to get three jobs, he claimed to have a lot on his plate, and he only talked to me 3 or 4 days out of the week. Well, with the help of my diet, I lost 40 pounds. When I told him the news, he told me that I am a liar, and said " you look no different". Showed him a picture of the scale. The proof satisfied him for a while.

Month later, we are talking like we usually are. Except, he always asks me how my diet is going, and if I lost anything. I recently relapsed, and gained 8 pounds. He is now giving me the cold shoulder, and telling me that I am not trying hard enough to be healthy.

I am trying all I can. Exorcise, diet, abstaining from sugar and bread, getting outside for at least 2 hours a day. I've exhausted everything to keep him happy, but I'm almost at my limit. I'm considering a break up, but we have been together for so long, I'm not sure if I can handle it.



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  • Quit wasting your time and broaden your horizon. There are millions of men who care more about your heart and soul than your waistline. There are also millions of online examples of plus-size sexy women (who came up with that plus size crap anyway? Can I call a skinny, anorexic model a minus size?). Your writing indicates you have a great heart, mind, and sexuality. Don't dance to this guy's tune. Sing your own song and see how many great people come your way.

  • Have s** with him thin tell him how small he is

  • Dump his ass. Lots of men prefer big girls. Find yourself one of them, eat, and enjoy!

  • I like skinny. I starve my gf. Sometimes we will go away for the weekend and I will not let her eat anything. Sometimes she feints. I like that anorexic look. Sometimes her legs just give out. I make her wear mini skirts and tank tops so I can see all that skinny bones

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