My final confession, may I RIP in heck

I confess that I known for sometime that I am a F-ing loser , I have done it with somebody I should not have at the age of 15 , I had a V-Card vs V-Card intercourse with A 5 year little old girl ( who was my 2nd cousin ) and did I have regrets about it , no I did not because the only 2 people that knew it happened was me and her , and we continued the intercourse for 2 and a half years , we denied everything that happened between us , because it already happened. There was no more need to bring more out in the open . All the outside world knew was that we kissed and we kissed for a long period of time , but me and her never told anybody that we took it all the way to 4th base after our first time on 1st base . This is my final ever confession on these two sites , you may boo-hoo and wah wah wah waaaaaaaaaah all you want towards me , it was all consensual between us and she and I agreed doing it together would have made us more happier with it and we were both gentle and enjoyed it every time and she went to school knowing that she lost her Virginity to another Virgin like me that was in her circle of trust . Unlike all the pedo’s on this cursed site , our love was pure innocent love and I’m certainly not a pedo since I did it consensually with somebody I trusted and loved . So when you are reading this very final confession, I shall see you all in heck . So long you sick weirdo’s , see you on the day of Judgement . I look forward to sending you to burn in the eternal lake of fire .



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  • I wanted revenge on my abusive family and she wanted revenge on her abusive family , so we took it all the way , the last time we did it , we made a horrible mistake . I flatten her nose into a pancake and she flatten my nose too into a pancake . So that’s what exposed us . Our noses should have not been together so long .

  • Your head is the only thing that’s flat. Your abusive family should lock you in a small animal cage.

  • Yawn, blah blah blah, I made love, you did not. Words can’t hurt me anymore, because I am already locked inside a Institution and I am not getting out until spring 2026, by that time, most of my family will be dead or forgotten and I will be entering the United States to go on the road by that time, you’ll never know where I’m entering the United States, but I’ll never be entering the Big cities with the exception of Boston before I head back out west.

  • S** with a child is a beautiful thing that 5 yr old p**** must have been heaven

  • I would love to try it 8 is my youngest so far and 3 for a boy

  • Since I wanted revenge on my abusive family , I took it and I can’t describe how it felt , except it was not just heavenly , it was revenge on my and her abusive family .

  • Having s** with a 5 year old is revenge? How is that revenge. You harmed that girl and since you where 15 you knew better. Have bad news for you you are a pedo.

  • Did I say I raped her, no I did not, she was from a abusive family, I was from a abusive family, it was all a win-win. Besides I could not even fit inside her, so it was all right that she was not angry or upset and I was not in any trouble that we tried it once.

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