She knew??

Last night my wife sat down with me and her sister who has been living with us for the last 7 years, My wife's baby sister moved into our place when my wife's mom passed away unexpectedly and my wife was 26, Her sister 17, She finished school and stayed living with us while attending community college then just stayed.
When my wife's sister was 19 I walked in on her rubbing one out in the bathroom and nailed her, We continued a sexual relationship for the past 5 years, My wife and I started trying to have kids a couple years ago and last night she brought us together and sat us down at the kitchen table, She slid a pregnancy test across the table to me and I looked at it, It showed a positive test meaning she was pregnant. We all celebrated for a bit but then my wife got us sitting down again and said she had something she needed to talk to us about.
She started out by saying "I need you guys to stop sleeping together". WHAT, Of course we both panicked and started to deny everything but she just said "Stop...I know, I have known for years...I know I should be angry but...I'm not and I don't care if there is a little on the side here and there but I need you to be here with me invested in this", We had a long talk about how maybe it is time for her sister to get her own place and how we can help her with a down payment and so on and then my wife told her that she knows a few really good guys she could even set her up with.
She explained that she doesn't expect us to go cold turkey and that there will probably be times throughout the pregnancy that she will even want me to go elsewhere for it and if that is to someone she knows is good and clean and not some dirty bar w**** then who else would she rather have me go to, I never really expected to ever get caught but I thought if I did my wife would boot me out and take everything but to have her tell me she knows I have been nailing her sister for years and she doesn't care and is willing to let it continue from time to time has my mind reeling.

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  • Blessed

  • Don't blow it, sounds like the wife needs to be sure the child will come first. maybe you should knock up the sister, and you all raise them together ?

  • Lucky man, you got one amazing wife

  • I wish I could f*** my wife's younger sister

  • You have a very understanding wife bud! Cherish what you two have.

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