Can't get past it

I am 25 and I decided to have a three way with my husband and my friend the other night, we have been married for just under a year and thinking about having kids, I decided that there was one thing neither of us had ever done that both of us were interested in and I was thinking that I wanted to do it once before settling down and starting a family.
Me and her were out for a girls night and I proposed the idea to her, It took a bit of convincing and a bit of booze but she finally said "If you are sure you want to", I knew she had done it once or twice before back in college and was single and someone my husband would be more than happy to have me bring home, We got to our place, went inside, Sneaked to the bedroom and woke him up, We started and were really having a great time, We were all undressed and all over each other, Emma is really well built with big b****** and a firm, Round bum.
Emma had gotten on top of me and kissed her way down my body until she spread my legs and I had my first experience with a girls tongue on my vag, I was quite enjoying myself, Maybe a bit too much and had to stop her before she finished me, We switched positions, Me and her were laying on our sides and 69 with my husband behind me, Leaning over me watching as I took my first ever lick of another woman. Before long we were going hard with him in me from behind, All of us holding each other and her licking my c*** as he slowly and softly made love to me.
I was really having the time of my life and I told him to switch, He didn't need to be told twice, He laid behind Emma and I grabbed his c*** sliding it into her, Everything was wet and slippery and I don't know if maybe I pushed his c*** with my tongue or just the angle was weird or what but he pulled back and I felt it slip out of her but then when he pushed forward again it went in the wrong hole. We only had one light on and it wasn't very bright in the room but I watched the whole thing happen. Emma just Gasped, Moaned and whispered "Oh god, Oh god, Oh god" as he kept pushing his c*** in her bum, He started going back and forth and she grabbed my head pushing my face into her vag, I started licking her and within a few seconds she came so hard, Like crazy hard with me and her and my husband all holding each other tight as she screamed, totally screaming and I am sure people in the other apartments heard her.
Emma screamed "Oh god I am coming, Faster, Faster" and both of us went faster until she screamed and came, My husband came and I came. Believe it or not we had a three way o***** and then all just laid there feeling each others bodies tense up and relax over and over again, I was massaging my husbands b**** and Emmas p**** and bum while they both did the same to me until he went soft and slid out of her bum. After that we all showered because we were a sweaty mess and I sat on the side bench in the shower while Emma lathered him up and scrubbed his c*** and b**** until he was hard again, She tried to get him to nail me but I was having a little mental block with doing that and instead got her sitting on the bench and he nailed her with me watching.
Afterward My husband tried to get Emma to stay but she said she had to go and left, We went to bed after a little talk and then the next day he tried all day to bang me, Next day same thing, And the day after, It's been three days and I can't get past the idea of him having his c*** in Emma's bum, The whole thing was great but now I can't for some reason get that out of my mind, He tries to get b******* and I am like "Not happeneing" The idea of sucking it just shuts me down completely, I don't know why but I can't even think of him putting it in me, I know he has showered like 3 or 4 times but still....
Damnit, I need to get this out of my head.

Oct 14, 2019

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  • When I was on assignment in Brazil, I met a couple of VERY cute girls who were out on the town on Friday night. We ended up at a swank hotel drunk and laughing our a**** off. I got Renata to lay face down on the bed then I had Marcela lay on her back between Renata's legs with her head up to her p****. I entered Renata's straddled Marcela while I entered Renata from the backdoor. I gave her ass a fast and furious f****** then, before I e*********, I pulled out and stuck it in Marcela's mouth. GOTT IN HIMMLE! I pumped Marcela's mouth until I spurted several powerful streams of jizim into her mouth.

    The fact that Marcela sucked my off right out of Renata's r***** didn't turn either of 'em off! GIRLS ARE FANTASTIC!

  • Are you going to have Emma over again? It sounds like she enjoyed getting her ass f*****.

  • Get over it. Reclaim your husband or risk his loss. Try starting with hand jobs but you better get going.

  • Totally agree. He will start getting it elsewhere if you don't stop being a prude.

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