SIL surprise

I had an oops with my wife's sister last night, It was just me and my wife and her sister who had come to the city for a couple days and was staying with us, We had all gotten hammered and went to bed, I walked past the door to their room and she was sitting on the side of the bed wearing just her pyjamma pants, She was just sitting there and looking like she was about to pass out.
My wife's sister is 41 and I am 32, She has breast fed multiple kids and is way smaller chested than my wife to start with but from having kids her b**** are small and wrinkly, She was sitting slouched over with her hands in her lap which wasn't doing her b**** any favors. I whispered "Hey...You ok?", She just turned her head and looked at me then shrugged. I knew my wife was already passed out and I just walked up, Pulled my pants down and stood in front of her, She looked at my c*** and then reached out and grabbed it, She gave it a stroke and let go putting her hands in her lap again, I reached down and cupped one of her b****, They are really saggy and wrinkly and feel very empty but she has big nips, Not wide but they stand up bigger than the end of your thumb and wrinkly and bumpy and very different looking.
I don't know what i was thinking but I was squeezing one nip and grabbed my c*** rubbing it on her lips, She opened her mouth and gave the worst BJ I have ever had while I played with her saggy b**** but it did the trick and I held her head while I came in her mouth, She swallowed it all without a second thought then I just stepped back and let my c*** slip out of her mouth, she licked her lips, Wiped her mouth and i stood there as she sat staring at the floor.
I pulled my pants up and went to bed and then in the morning she came out, Stopped and looked at me, Squinted her eyes and grabbed a coffee then headed to the bedroom all while not wearing a bra and her big, weird nips were showing through her top and didn't come back out for about an hour, When she did she was still super hung over and eventually gathered up her stuff and went home.

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  • I thought my oops with my SIL was bad, nothing like yours.
    Anyway, she was staying with us for a week while her BFF got married. She's 34 years old and me and her sister, my wife are 37. So I got up one night to get a drink of water. When I walked into the kitchen I found my SIL sitting at the kitchen table totally naked. She had come in drunk and evidently stripped her clothes in the kitchen. I helped her to her bedroom, and needles to say I got some really good feels of her t*** and ass. My d*** got hard and was clearly at attention through my PJ bottoms. She grabbed my d*** a few times and asked me to use it on her. I declined because I didn't want my wife catching us. I may have slipped my fingers in her p**** once I got her in bed, but it was only a quick finger bang.

  • I just hate it when my d.ick falls in a girls mouth.

  • My cousin and I swap once in a while, Like a couple times a year only but it's still pretty hot, Breaks up the monotony.

  • My sister gave my husband a b******* on his 40th birthday while I watched and laughed, Never really thought about going all the way until reading this.

  • Would you let it happen?

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