My Candaulism, where I secretly showed revealing photos of my wife, Donna, evolved into willing, Vicarious Exhibitionism when she caught me and liked the attention from men. So, in discreet and appropriate settings, she now lets other men catch her dressing, or letting her nipples slip out, or even total nudity in a shower or Nude Beach. She knows I like to watch and enjoys doing it for me.
One day, we went to a remote lake in Montana to try SCUBA diving. We were inexperienced, but a friend of a friend was going to teach us and loan us a dry suit. There were four guys, myself, my friend, the instructor, and a friend of the instructor we didn't know. My wife was the only female for 50 miles. She wore a skin-tight, Lycra, one-piece suit showing lots of cleavage.
Donna was 34 then, experienced and confident. The other guys were about 8 years younger. The Testosterone was flying and Donna was loving it.
We guys took turns using the dry suit and doing a brief dive. When it was Donna's turn, she couldn't get the dry suit up over her ample hips. It was a small man's suit and her bathing suit had a bulky, shirred texture. I jokingly remarked, "Guess you're going to have to take your suit off."
Now, Donna knows I frequently tease her about Flashing. If she deems it inappropriate, she demurs, "No way, or You're too naughty, etc." I never expected Donna to actually do it so close to guys she didn't know.
But to my amazement, without comment, Donna peeled her suit down and stepped out totally bare under the bright, mid-day, Montana sun among three younger men she barely knew. I gasped and almost said, "Whoa, I was joking." But then realized, this was one of my favorite Fantasies. So I held my tongue, stepped back, and watched the other three guys "help" Donna pull up the snug, rubber suit.
I say "help" in quotes because there was more copping feels than actual help. The guys would get the suit up over her hips, then discover a wrinkle and pull it back down. Apply more talc and pull it up again. I knew the talc was just an excuse to rub it all over her body. She even spread her legs so they could apply it to her inner thighs. One guy was powdering her gleaming mammaries and she grinned and blew a kiss at me. She knew I loved it.
But when another guy tried to finger between her L****, she pushed him away, saying "OK guys. That's enough". Then she easily pulled the suit up herself. She didn't really need the "help", she was just playing along.
After her dive lesson, she had to strip again to return the suit. She grinned at me and whispered, "Did you enjoy that?" I sure did.



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  • Thars cause for divorce.

  • A loving couple enjoying a sunny day with friends is cause for divorce? Explain.

  • I had to force my wife. We'd met in the church and so she understood at kind of academic headspace level that she should submit to and obey her husband.

    Never had her naked infront of others.

    My thing was having her in miniskirts. Watching her having to be modest. A few occasions I was taken to task by others for making her dress like that. A special memory when early in the marriage we were at her parents place and she spoke her mind about it hoping that her parents would take her side but her mother told her it was more important to follow her husbands lead

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