Jackson spanks me

At school, my friend jackson out of nowhere just calls me a naughty boy. This lasted a few days and I thought he was just bored and said it, but then as we are getting on the bus out of nowhere he says “you need a spanking”
I just smile and go with it.
We got off the bus together and I started walking to my house when I noticed he was following me. I turned around and said “why are you following me”? He said he was bored so wanted to come over.

I let him in, we sat on the sofa next to eachother, I was standing up to get the remote when he took me by my arm snd pulled me over his knee.
“Is this really happening?” I thought. I have always loved the idea of getting spanked.
“Your a very naughty boy” he said as he pulled my pants and underwear down. I was aroused and said “yes daddy”. I looked up and saw him smiling.

He then rubbed my bottom calling me a naughty boy, then he started spanking me. By the 5th slap my bottom was red, he spanked me so hard, rubbing my bottom in between each smack.

Once he spanked me for a decent time, my bottom was on fire, he told me to stand in the corner and not rub my bottom or I will get extra smacks.

Feb 26, 2018

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  • You and your friend would love with my wife and i as we have three daughters and use spanking as part off discipline...

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