Wife Had Me Used

My wife knew I had a fantasy of being taken by several black men at one time and we discussed it often. Even she had a fantasy of also being taken by numerous black men.

It was a Saturday this last summer and she came home after shopping and told me to get dressed into my crossdressing black skirt, white top, and black high heels, she wanted to act out a fantasy and we were going to go to a cheap hotel where she was going to use me like a street w****. I was all for it!

After dressing in my female clothing, we got in her SUV and she drove us to a REALLY cheap hotel on the outskirts of town. To my surprise she already had a room reserved and the key in her purse!! I was even more excited now!

She approached the door first to unlock it. After it was unlocked, she stepped aside for me to go in first. Just as soon as I entered, the bathroom door opened and, not one, but three naked black men stepped out and began walking toward me. Not sure I wanted to know what was going to happen and thinking I had an idea, I was chickening out. I immediately turn around to look at her and she closed the door - she was outside leaving me in the room. I grabbed for the door k*** and before I could get it open, one of the black guys put his hand over my right shoulder and held the door closed, laughing. Another one of the black men grabbed me and turned me around.

I realized that I had been set up by my wife! I was pulled back into the motel room and pushed to my knees where one of the guys shoved his c*** in my face and DEMANDING I suck him. I did as he commanded. He f***** me in my mouth, the first time I have even had that happen.

I found myself completely stripped and lying on my stomach in the bed as one of the black guys mounted me and began entering my ass. One inside me, he began pounding FORCEFULLY and it felt like his c*** was coming out my throat! I actually began enjoying it!!

I am unsure of the exact time, but it was probably about an hour into my being used when someone knocked on the door and two more black men entered and stripped. They too f***** my ass and then my mouth forcing me to do ass to mouth. Again, I was more than willing and was fully involved and enjoying my use and abuse. I say abuse because two of them seems to get off verbally humiliating me and hitting me, slapping my face and kicking me at times.

This went on for some time, until it was dark outside. Thinking it was coming to an end, there was yet another knock on the door and three more black guys came in and each had his turn with me. I guess I got lost in the action and realized that this had gone on all night since I realized the sun was rising.

One of the guys mixed me a drink that appeared to be a gin and tonic and told me to drink it. I did as I was ordered.

I remember nothing after that except getting dizzy and groggy. I awoke just before lunch and found myself lying on one of the beds soaked in c** and ALL of my clothing, all of the bed comforters, blankets, sheets and blankets had been taken...even the CURTAINS had been removed from the room. I had been abandoned, covered in their c** and no way to cover my body to leave.

Since I did not have my cell phone, I called my wife and when she answered and discovered it was me, she replied, "Well, well, well, how did you like your black c*** f****** sissy boy?" and started laughing. I had to admit that I loved it.

I told her what they had done and I had no way to get home. She laughed again, and said "TOUGH, get home the best way you can f*****, I have company right now and I am enjoying his attention."

I called a good friend who came to me and brought me some clothes and took me home.

When I went inside, I found my wife in our bedroom with two of the guys that had been in the hotel room f****** my sissy ass!! The three of them explained to me that I was not THEIR sissy s** slave and would do whatever they demanded. I offered minor resistance and when I did, they pulled out several photos that had been made of me in the motel room with black c*** in my mouth and my ass. My wife's reply to my resistance, "Better do what we say cucky or they'll send copies of those pics to your work!!"

It was then I realized I was forever the husband of a BBC loving cuckold wife.


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  • Sure, buddeh.

  • I'm calling bullshit on this one too.

    In every situation where dominant wives have facilitated activities, there is negotiation and consent and no such thing as three naked black men coming out of the bathroom.

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