it's been three years now

I'm still confused about whether I want to be with my ex or my boyfriend. I love them both, but differently. I suppose one day I'll have to make my decision; does everyone regret forever, a little bit, that which they gave up?

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  • I don't get it: why do you think you can't have them both?

  • Thanks for the comments.

    I thought I was over my ex when my boyfriend and I started our relationship; it's just recently that I've encountered this confusion, all over again. I dunno if we're going to break up; if I can't definitively let go of my ex, we'll probably have to.

    I guess what I'm scared of most now is never getting over EITHER of them and just never having a relationship because of it.

    - the a******

  • I don't think people should get together with someone else if they still have feelings for an ex. Can you imagine how s***** you would feel if your boyfriend still had feelings for his old girlfriend?

    Don't do that s*** to someone. People like you are a*******.

  • You have made a decision. Your "confusion" is the most definite sign that you have moved on. But you enjoy the idea of loving two men. Don't be like the boyfriend in the first post and s**** something up.

  • I just picked my boyfriend over my ex cause I see a future with him. My ex mucked things up so bad that we were never able to recover. That being said it has been a long process for both my ex and I to put aside our feelings and move on. I am sad that forever will never come for my ex and I but that's not my fault.

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