So good turned not so good.

On my wife's 40th birthday things got a bit carried away and her best friend who she has been best friends with since her first year of college, By the way Not the one she had a three way with but by far her best friend stayed the night.
We had all gone out with a bunch of other friends and all came back to our house, The kids were at my parents place and about 10 of us were partying hard, Some people were inside the house and some of us were in the garage, People started to drop off and head home as the night went on and eventually it was just us three hanging out. We were all in the garage smoking and I had mentioned about times my wife had kissed other girls when we were younger and her friend piped up and said "Hey, Why did you never kiss me", My wife just shrugged and said "I don't know" which of course led to me trying to get them to kiss...And it worked, They started with a little peck on the lips and I urged them to do more, I kept telling her friend that she had been way more passionate with other girls and eventually they were actually kissing, Looking into each others eyes and kissing.
My wife is about three inches shorter than her friend and her friend is a little bit...thicker than my wife but very top heavy, I have multiple times thought I was going to get to see her jugs but sadly it never quite happened, My wife and her friend were very into teasing me and my wife's friend put her hand in my wifes shirt, looked at me and said "Anyone else ever done this?", I shook my head no and my wife laughed pulling her friends hand out of her top, My wife and I have 4 kids and her best friend one, My wife was always and still is small chested, She now has small, saggy, Wrinkly ** and her friend has big, Fat jugs and as I eventually found out they are quite a sight. As big as a large watermelon,Round, Firm and have big, Dark nips like the size of a coffee mug topped with a wrinkly, bumpy jube jube. Anyway there was some banter back and forth about ** and my wife ended up with her hand between her friends ** in her cleaveage.
I kept pushing nad my wife undid her friends top, Peeked into her friends bra and then looked at me and said "Holy **, They are even more amazing than they were the last ime I seen them", They both laughed and discussed the last time she had seen them which apparently was 16 years ago in the changeroom while trying to help her friend get her ** into her dress for her wedding which only lasted 3 1/2 years but whatever, My wife said "How are your ** better after having a kid when mine are...". Her and her friend were playfully touching each others ** and slowly losing clothes along with their inhibitions, My wife and her friend were down to their bras and my wife pulled her friends bra out, reached in and pinched her friends nip, looked at me and said "Oh my god", She pulled her friends bra down and exposed her nip and they both looked at me. I just stared and after a few seconds my wife pulled her friends bra back up, I worked my way closer to the two of them and slipped my wife out of her bra, My wife said it wasn't fair and got her friend to take off hers and I sat staring in awe.
Both of them were laughing and touching each other and rubbing their chests together, I wanted to move this to the bedroom and gently urged them to move into the house and slowly worked our way to the bedroom. By the time we were in the bedroom they were in full make out mode, They started rolling around on the bed and then it happened, My wife put her mouth on her friends big, Fat nip, She sucked it and I could see the look in her friends eyes change, She rolled her eyes and moaned as I watched her whole body shiver, My wife laughed and looked at her friend saying "Yeah?", Her friend said "Ahhh, God yeah" and pulled my wifes head back to her chest, She had my wifes face squished into her big floppy breast and my wife was sucking and biting her friends nip.
They both still had their jeans on so while they were distracted I began working on getting those off, I got them both undone then worked my wife's off, She has a great ** and always wears thongs and she was not putting up much of a fight as I worked them off and tossed them aside, I started shuffling her friends pants down and she was resisting a little but after some persistence she let me take them off, She had on more normal or regular or whatever **, After I got her pants off my wife got on top of her kneeling between her legs, My wife shuffled up which made her friend lift her knees and spread her legs, I was already behind my wife so I had a great vantage point and through her friends blue cotton ** it was obvious she was having a great time, She had a wet spot starting to form and I grabbed my wife's thong, Pulled it to her knees and she lifted her knees letting me slide it to her feet and off, My wife is light skinned and very pink down there, Shaved bald always, Pink **, Pink ** hole and a full innie **, No inner ** sticking out or even showing, Full pouty pink ** lips and a great **. I leaned in and licked my wife from behind and she moaned out loud, She shuffled around and got her friends legs down and spread her knees apart, I kept licking my wife and slid my hands up her friends thighs grabbed her ** and she put her hands on mine, I gently worked them down as she clenched her thighs and slid them down and off her feet, I took a peek and could she that she keeps some of her bush.
My wife's friend is a bit darker skinned, possibly some Italian in her gene make up or something but anyway my wife went back to working her legs between her friends and getting her back to having her knees up and legs spread, Wow, Very different than my wife, Thick legs and thighs, Darker skin and dark ** lips, I won't say a lot but she definitely had some inner ** hanging out, dark outer lips, Pink inner lips, Brown ** hole and curly dark **. I kept licking my wife and slid my hand over her friends **, She was wet and ready, I slipped one then two fingers in her and she tensed up then moaned "Oh ** yes", My wife looked down between them and then put her hand on top of mine as I worked my two fingers in and out of her.
My wife has always told me everything and through our conversations I know that her friend hasn't been laid in over 4 months, Her last boyfriend didn't do oral and she hasn't been licked in over a year and a half, Her friend had lifted her legs and wrapped them around my wife's waist and I had two fingers in her and my thumb rubbing her dark little ** hole, She started shaking and moaned "Ohhh ** yeah". Although very awkward positioning I was able to squeeze my head in between all the legs and evrything going on and gave her one, Long, Slow lick stopping to flick her ** a few times, She wrapped her arms and legs tight around my wife, Pulled her close and moaned "aaahhhhh god yes I miss that".
My wife decided it was time to change things up and jumped up, Ripped off my remaining clothes and shoved me onto the bed, Her and her friend started groping and stroking me and her friend said "Nice", My wife looked at her and her friend laughed and said "What, That's big", My wife said "I guess" and her friend said "Trust me, That's big" (7 to 7 1/2 inches depending on how you measure and my wife says it's pretty thick), They started sucking and playing and kissing, I have always wanted to see my wife eat **, She's never done it but I have hinted many times, As much as I tried it didn't happen but I did get them to touch, rub and ** each other a bit then when they were laying side by side I got on top of my wife and her friend held my ** as I slid into my wife, I started ** her and her friend was sucking her nips, Massaging my ** and I was sucking her friends big, hard nips and ** her, Her friend was rubbing my wife's ** and she started coming.
My wife spewed some obscenities and jerked and twisted her body as she came, She let out a scream with a look on her face I have never seen her have, She was being loud and coming hard and I started going harder, She told me to stop and I pulled out, she laid there shaking and held her head saying "Oh god, I think you broke me", I knew it would be contraversial later but I pushed her friend down on her back, Dove in ears deep between her thighs and licked her, She moaned loud and I got on top of her hammering my ** into her and she moaned loud and took a deep breath saying "Oh god that's amazing, Your ** is sooo big".
My wife was laying there watching us trying to get control of her body back, I started hammering her friend and she started moaning "Not so hard, Not so hard", I lifted her legs and started ** her slowly and she was loving it, My wife joined in and started kissing us both, Sucking her friends nips and started telling me what to do, After a few minutes her friend flipped her leg over and rolled onto her stomach, She propped herself up on one elbow and my wife was sucking her big nip, She was telling me "Go slow, ** me slow" I slid my thumb between her ** cheeks and started rubbing her hole, I spit on it and got it good and wet, Started to slide my thumb in and she moaned "Oh yeah, Do that, Do that".
I ** her from behind and thumbed her ** hole until she came screaming "Oh god yes, Yes, ** me hard now" and I did coming as she screamed, I held my ** deep in her as I came and she shook saying "Oh god, What the fuuuck" then I watched her whole body shake and her ** jiggle, Then when I went limp and my ** slid out of her I noticed she was whimpering, I asked if she was ok and she said ""Gah, I don't know what happened but I can't feel my legs", obviously the feeling came back.
Sooooo good right....Nope, She is pregnant, NOT GOOD, Not at all.

Next Confession

How big of an age gap is ok?

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  • I hope you learned your lesson, man--watch where you put those seeds. I was once lucky enough to have a ** with my wife and her bestie and it wasn't planned so we didn't have protection and we did it anyway. But I had the composure to pull out of her friend and ** on her **, because the last thing we needed was a ** baby.

  • Great story, I only can fantasize this ever happening to me but it sure gave me a new fantasy to dream about

  • Great story! You gotta ** those big **!

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