How big of an age gap is ok?

I am 18, just got a new job, and I got chatting to a guy at work, we really hit it off and I guess became friends quite quickly. I asked him if he wanted to do something together outside of work, and I think he mistook it for a date, which it wasn't. He took me home, and tried to kiss me. I pulled away in shock, realising the misunderstanding, and he looked so disappointed, so I caved and kissed him.
Anyway as days passed I thought about him and what a nice boyfriend he would make, but here's the thing, he is 37, and I did not find him that cute.
Moving on, we became closer friends, and neither of us really had other friends at work. He kept asking me out, and I said no, then one frustrating day I said yes, and we had an amazing date, which ended in me having s** with him.
Now we are kinda dating, but the fact that he is double my age plays on my mind, it feels like he is the next generation up, closer to my parents age than me, is that ok?
He is very happy btw, looks wise, I am way out of his league, and that's not just my opinion!

Am I dating him because I crave someone nice and dependable? Is it ok to have s** with such an age gap? Help.

Nov 1, 2019

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  • I'm married to a woman 16 years older than me. I was 20 and she was 36. That was 40 years ago and things are still great. Let me tell you she is a great and enthusiastic lover to this day! I wouldn't change a thing. However, it appears you really aren't that much into him and have some doubts. Let the relationship play out for a while and gain some experience with dating other men. Be patient and don't let him get too attached or get his expectations too high. Don't overthink it. Take time alone for more thought. Don't cave in to false expectations on his part. Oh yeah, and have fun!

  • I have a habit of befriending, then, with most, having s** with the hostess and server girls at the sports bar I go to. They're almost always 20 years younger than me, but, we both enjoy it, know it's not a relationship-type thing, the s** is amazing, and they come and go often. One quits or leaves, and they hire another, usually just like her, in their place. It's a revolving door of younger, willing women at my disposal. And they rarely if ever care about the age thing.

  • May not last, but enjoy yourself. When I was 19 I f***** my boss who was 44 as well as friends of his who were 38 and 41. We all had a good time. It's part of the fun before getting older and settling down.

  • Thanks, did you ever worry about their motives?

  • No, I knew what their motives were, which was to tap my p****. We were friends and I was into no-strings fun too at that age. I don't regret it and at the time older guys were a lot more fun than guys my age.

  • F*** him occassionaly

  • The age gap may come back to haunt you. You are from two different generations. When you are 29 he will be 49. Get my drift?

  • I'm not really looking long term, it more a question of whether it's ok now, he is over double my age, not sure how socially acceptable that is?

  • Says the person that is here reading this, if you don't like it y the f*** are you here? quit complaining and go back to trying to find your d*** to j*** off

  • That made no sense.

  • Age is just a number

  • The lower the better

  • Oh just give up already. You are such a sad creature!

  • Ok, update, I asked him about sexual fantasies and he asked if I would dress up as a school girl. I have my old uniform so can, but is that a bit weird?

  • Do you like being treated like a s*** little girl?

  • If it's just fantasy, not sure I mind

  • Common fantasy

  • I know, it's the age gap that makes it a bit weird. If we were the same age I would not have a problem, so maybe it is totally ok and I should just do it. I quite like s** games lol

  • Naa the school girl thingy has been around forever.

  • True

  • I have played out his fantasy and I really enjoyed it, not sure what that says about me?

  • Im about his age and usually date about half my age. As long as he respects you its good

  • In this modern era there are lots of ways to interact. Enjoy him as you do and if someone younger comes along you could hook up and have three way

  • Ha ha like the logic, clearly the logical course of action is a three way there. Lol

  • Short term only for a good time. It's inevitable the gap is going to work against a relationship. You guys are just in different life stages.

  • The age gap is ok. If you are happy that's all that matters.

  • Thank you, I feel really happy, really enjoying the s** as well, even if it's with an 'older man' lol, he's my old man for now xx

  • W h o r e

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