I feel kinda bad but not really.

Me and a buddy of mine walked in on my wife getting f*****, We had just come back early from a sledding trip and as soon as we walked in we could hear her getting f*****, Went to the basement and she was flat on her back, legs up over the shoulders of a kid and I mean a kid, Like 18 or 19 I think that she works with and she was getting pounded.
Just as we reached the bottom of the stairs she noticed us and freaked, He panicked and jumped up, She scrambled onto the floor grabbing a blanket to cover herself and he hurredly got dressed, He tried to bolt and my friend stepped in front of him blocking the stairs, I looked at my friend and shook my head no, He stepped aside and let him go, I heard the front door slam and my buddy said "Want me to go?", I pulled out my phone started recording and said "Nope, I sure don't" and handed him the phone. He caught on and started recording, I sat on the couch in front of my wife right where she just got f*****, I looked around and patted the cushion, My friend sat in the chair recording our conversation.
I looked at her and said "So?", She was looking at me, Hair all messed up, My wife is good looking, Shoulder length blonde curly hair, Blue eyes, Big t*** and even though she has gained a few pounds I think she looks good. I said "So?, Corrupting the new guy, How many times?", She put her head down and then looked up and said "Does Jeff have to be here?", I said "F*** yeah he does, I am recording this whole conversation", She took a deep breath and sighed then started appologizing, I said "Nope, Don't even start that s***, HOW MANY TIMES?", She said "Twice", I said "Bullshit" she said "I swear", I said "Who else?", She started to cry and I said "Who else", She said "Mike, Once".
So I looked at her and said "You have only ever been f***** 3 times with other guys since we met?", She nodded and said "In the last year", I said "Before that?", She shook her head no and I sat back on the couch listening as she appologized and then I looked at Jeff and at her and said "You know what...Give me this" and grabbed the blanket pulling it away from her leaving her sitting naked on the basement floor, She covered her big b**** and was crying, She was like "Come on, Give me the blanket", I said "I don't think so, You wanna suck d**** so bad...Suck his" pointing at Jeff, They both looked at me and he said "Oh...Uh...No I don't think that's a great idea", she stared at me and I said "Now" and nodded toward him, She said "What the f***", I said "Suck his d*** or I call the lawyer".
There was a conversation but the end result was her shuffling over to him trying to hide what she could and getting on her knees in front of him staring at his d***, He looked at me and I winked at him and nodded. She looked at me with tears and mascarra running down her face I slid over to the side of the couch closest to them and grabbed her by the hair, I shoved her face up against his d*** and she squirmed away, Looked at me and said "F*** off", I said "Suck his d*** or I am gone", she looked at me and said "If I suck jeff's d*** then what", I said "Then we will sit down and talk".
She looked at Jeff and he was rock hard, He looked at me as she took it in her hands and his eyes got wide, I said "Relax, One thing she is good for is sucking d***", She was crying and said "F*** you", I sat back and watched her try to hide her body as she sucked his d***, I got up and walked up behind her, I grabbed her hair and pushed her head down on it, He's not super big so she was able to take most of it before gagging, i kept doing it and after 3-4 times she slapped my hand away. Jeff only lasted maybe 5 minutes before he grabbed her head and held it as he came in her mouth, She slurped it all up and I pushed her onto her back on the floor, Dropped my pants and spread her legs, She said "Don't" and I slammed my d*** in her.
Me and Jeff spent probably an hour or an hour and a half just f****** her, sticking fingers in her ass, Spanking her and coming on her face, She kept asking for a towel and I kept telling her no, We pounded the s*** out of her with come all over her face and video taping the whole thing. lastly Jeff had her bent over the couch shoving his half hard d*** in her from behind, I went upstairs and grabbed her d****, Came back and stepped over her, sat my ass on her shoulders and spread her ass cheeks, Jeff pulled out and dribbled a little come on her ass hole and I worked her d**** into her ass, It's shaped like a d*** and not real small, The whole time she was whimpering "Ow, Ow, Ow, Stop please it hurts", I ass f***** her with the d**** while slapping her p**** all sloppy with come and then Jeff took over while I held her shoulders down and came on her face one last time.
When I told her she could go I noticed she had left her phone on the table as she went to shower so I sent her the video then opened up her phone and sent it to every contact in her phone a lot of which are mutual friends and most of my friends so she could reach me over the years, Everyone on facebook lots of which she doesn't even know, they are just people she has sold stuff to or bought stuff from, All of her social media contacts in every platform she has and then sat back.
Jeff said "F*** man, I gotta go, This is f*****", She came back and looked at me and said "Can we talk now", I handed her phone to her and said "I don't think so, You're gonna be busy explaing things for a while anyway" and walked out. You wouldn't believe the calls and texts I have recieved and there are many more who havent even seen it yet.

Nov 1, 2019

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  • Think your buddy was embarrassed initially because that wasn't his first time with her.

  • Trying to imagine her legs up. She white? How old at the time? Body shape type? Hair and eye color? Trimmed or full bush?

  • Did you read it? Don’t waste your time asking questions when the answer is already in the story.

  • Best story I've ever heard

  • What’s her Facebook?

  • Is your wife there now? If so put her on!

  • Uh yeah, She is gone, I kicked her ass to the curb.

  • Not planning on working it out

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