My Hot Wife, Sandy and I got into kinky adventures at a young age. By the time we were into our 30's, we were pretty jaded and looking for more variety. We often went to a distant city where we wouldn't be recognized.
I like to show off my trim and shapely wife, so she wears skimpy & transparent clothes, especially on a hot, summer day.
So we were strolling a park and Sandy's short, poncho-like top would often blow up in the breeze to show her bare mammaries and thin, nylon panties which showed the dark, 'V' shaved on her mons. Men and couples passing by would grin at the display. A panhandler also noticed and tried to get spare change by flattering her figure.
We also sometimes went to P*** Arcades to entice anonymous men into groping her in the dark. So I had a pocketful of quarters to feed the video machines. That gave me an idea for a new sport.
I had the Panhandler follow us behind a shed where other Panhandlers were drinking. I had Sandy lift her top to expose her panties. I dropped a quarter down the back of her panties so it slid into the crotch below her feminine orifice and invited the Panhandler to reach down the front to retrieve it. He hesitated, but Sandy said, "It's OK". So he reached deep into her panties and pulled out the quarter. I fed more quarters down the back while the guy groped around until he found them. Sandy had to spread her legs so he could reach farther under.
Four other Panhandlers noticed our game and joined in taking turns. Sandy was grimacing and I asked if she was OK. She growled curtly, "shut up and keep going". She was getting aroused and the men's hands were coming out wet on the back where they were stroking her lady parts.
Sandy began to Climax and pulled her panties tighter to press their hands more firmly against her flesh. She did climax, but I finished off a roll of quarters before we left. Five anonymous beggars were $20 richer and Sandy was satisfied.

Nov 1, 2019

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  • H*** yeah! Ever let them f*** her?

  • No, those alcoholics couldn't get it up if we tried. Sometimes Sandy wore a crotch-length tunic top with no panties to the park which would sometimes blow up in a breeze. I would taunt the drunks by yanking her tunic up and exposing her kunt to the drunks. But we stopped because a breeze would blow her tunic up at inappropriate times & places.
    So I arranged for two guys I knew to be clean, but Sandy didn't know, to stage a fake rape. I took her to skinny-dip at a remote pond and returned to our van for our picnic lunch. The two strange men "happened" to stroll by and catch Sandy naked. But she knew it was a set-up when they dragged her to a pre-placed pad. She didn't resist and was in full coitus when I returned.
    She waved and laughed at my joke. I got in line and took Sloppy Thirds. We all laughed and stripped to rinse the s** juices off in the pond.

  • If showing kunt in a public park isn't "inappropriate", what is?

  • Fair question. Our intent is to only Flash single men. But the breeze sometimes shows too much when children are watching. So Sandy now wears longer and heavier skirts which won't blow up accidentally. When approaching an appropriate viewer, Sandy can hike her skirt up in front to control who sees what.

  • My that's Bazaar

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