Alls well that ends well

I was lonely, things have been hard. I was so traumatized my mother was involved I'm sorry I shut down. I would have done anything to talk to you, but was so afraid to call. All i really wanted was someone to say it was ok, they wanted me to. And not on a public forum. I'm sorry things got so mean, I think its fairly obvious how much I wanted to reach out. I did the best I could, and my intentions were sincere whether or not you want to believe me. It took a lot to even make the few attempts I did. I wanted so badly to call, but in such a not so great mental place. Please understand I was not expecting friendship or for you to fix it...only to try to not run away from something like I usually do. My intentions were sincere, I really did want to make it right. Or at least try. But I was never really given the chance.

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