Not even doctors know whats wrong

Every since i was 4 ive had these weird episodes that i used to call my "pukey feelin" because my body probably couldnt take whatever was happening so i threw. it started off with a HORRIBLE migraine then this the weird part i would feel my throat go numb with pins and needles thats how i knew it was starting and i feel really dizzy and i couldn't talk, when i got migraines this would happen throughout the day n when my mom thought i was having one shed say " say my name" and i couldnt talk at all it felt like there was a cork in my throat. my grandma told me one time as i was having one i just walked up to her and hugged her then walked away said nothing and passed out in bed and i don't remember that at all. another thing too is i get weirdly scared of everything when it happens to, when i was lil id curl into a ball and clothes my eyes till it stopped it was like a bad energy was just in the air tryin to kill me lmao. everythings kinda slowmo and i can only see what im directly lookin at too everythin else blury. anyone else ever had that before lmao

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His idea, I just went with it.

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  • You may be suffering from a kind of seizure condition. A form of epilepsy or something similarly neurological.

  • It sounds a lot like anxiety. I used to call it a 'puny' feeling. I'm so serious about having experienced the same things for many years that I'm willing to publicly post my email address so you can contact me if you'd like to.
    I've tried several times to sign up here tonight but it keeps having an error.

    Hope you're feeling well tonight.

    imabygone @ aol. com

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