I raise my daughter as better than boys

I have no boys, thank god. Boys are truly the worst. I just can’t stand them. I genuinely dislike male children. They’re rude, loud and so much more stupid. Little boys and girls are like different SPECIES. My daughter (five) has for years experienced nothing but problems with the little boys she unfortunately has to be around. They sometimes would shove her. Sometimes make fun of her, take her toy, or just generally annoy her. The teachers never do anything to help it. I realized when she was still in daycare at the age of three, I had to handle it myself.

I told her straight up, “When a boy is bothering you, you knee him between his legs in his boy parts as hard as you can. He’ll fall to the floor, and probably cry, but you’re just standing up for yourself. I’ll handle your teachers.”

Well, the next day, the three, same-aged boys who always picked on her did just that, and she did exactly what I said. I still remember the call:

“Your daughter has been in a fight. You need to come pick her up.” I protested that she was just standing up for herself, and that I would not take her from school for such a thing. There was a pause, and the woman then said “It was more than a little shove. We have three little boys writhing around the floor, curled up and crying. Your daughter kneed them each in their privates.”

I audibly laughed. Little boys are little monsters and I’m glad my daughter has no problem dealing with them that way. My daughter now knows the rule: if a boy is bothering you, drop him with a knee between the legs and mom will take care of the rest.

Moms of boys, just keep your little creeps away from her!

Nov 4, 2019

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  • I feel exactly the same way. My daughter is adopted because if I had had a boy, I’d have gotten rid of it. They’re subhuman. I’m honestly in hysterical laughter thinking of the little freaks rolling around crying after your daughter boots them in their parts haha. I taught my daughter to kick them as hard as she possibly can. I feel no sympathy for the little creatures. I hate them so much and this post made me so happy.

  • We dress our son as a girl

  • You go mom!

  • The OP is 100% right. H***, I think most mothers have wanted to give their own a knee down there.

  • Its often we are asked and ask ourselves why is it that women weren't afforded the rights they are now? How backward could we be to do such a reprehensible thing to our beloved women and girls. You look at the Middle East and the women there are rarely afforded any rights as compared to their male counterpart - blasphemous! Well, the answer to that is very clear. Look no further than the delusions of this woman. She prides herself on being a female and actually believes her daughter is superior to other male children. If this is the case, then no longer are men to sit quietly and modestly while this unfolds. There are a few proven facts that will always stand in the way of your delusions, woman. The female brain is smaller than that of the man, women severely underrepresented in the highest levels of intelligence (we're talking 1 to a thousand and more with the geniuses) and women have for all of history been dependent on both men and the state. If men wanted, we could simply overpower every stupid woman and regain dominance we enjoyed in the past.

  • "If men wanted," LOL! Then obvs you don't want it. All mouth and no muscle!

  • Dont tease the incel, it looks like hes very stressed. We should put OP and him in a cage to fight it out, lol

  • ^ Would pay to watch this

  • F**** u you are reverse sexist and everything wrong with society I hope ur daughter becomes a w****

  • Well, that's great for your daughter, but is OP the psycho who littered this place with "I pinch baby boy penises and laugh when they cry" a few years back? Because people like that need to not reproduce at all.

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