My one night stand with sugar daddy I just met

I am a student, and me and a couple of friends went out on a fancy dress bar crawl. After debating what to wear, it all turned out we had brought our old school uniforms as potenial fancy dress, and all still fitted them, so it seemed like fate. So dressed as 3 slightly slutty schoolgirls we headed out and joined the rest. A few bars in we kinda met 3 kinda pervy middle aged men, because the offered to buy us drinks. Thinking we would play them a bit, and acting the part we accepted the drinks, and laughed along as they hopelessly flirted with us. Three more drinks each later we realised that everyone else had moved on and it was now just us three dressed as we were, with our sugar daddies. We said we would have one more with them and catch up the group. One became two, and they we getting closer and a bit touchy feely so my friends decided it was time to move on. As we were discussing where we were going, the guy that I had been talking to put his had on my bum and seriously felt me up. I let it happen, let him have his moment of fun, then left. As we left he slipped me a piece of paper with his number on it. Outside my friends decided they were too drunk and wanted pizza. As we waited for pizza I texted the guy just so he had my number, just to see what he might do. He texted right back and said he was in a taxi heading home, and that I was the most beautiful girl in the world etc etc. Then he texted to ask whether I would consider joining him, and confessed he wanted s**, he would send the taxi, and would see me right. I assumed he was offering to pay me.
I told my friends I wanted to find the main group again, but just went back to the bar and got in to the waiting taxi.
The taxi driver seemed very happy to be giving me a lift and spend most the ride trying to see up my skirt in his mirror.
At the house he invited me in, more complements and invited me upstairs. On the way up I saw pictures on the wall of his kids, including a daughter a couple of years younger than me. He explained he was divorced, but didn't want to kill the mood. Upstairs I asked him if he had a condom, kinda to say I was up for it. He grabbed one and then stood in front of him I pulled up my skirt and lowered my panties to the ground then flicking them up at him. He grabbed them and sniffed them before unbuttoning his jeans. He was had and ready. I was nervous and drunk, but excited and playful. I asked - what did daddy want to do to me. This got him excited and he asked me to bend over. I did and he lifted my skirt and entered me. I was wet, but it still hurt a bit as he had a lot of girth. He kept saying how tight I was, and how cute I was and how perfect my p**** was. I think he liked it shaved. After a while he turned me round and unbuttoned my uniform, but left the skirt and knee high socks, I straddles him and he stared at my b**** as I rode him. I got the feeling he was about to c**, and didn't want to feel guilty, so I faked one. It was still good s** I just wasn't as far a long as he was. He came and looked so happy. We tidied up and he asked me to stay the night. I said my friends would worry, so he said fine and he ordered a taxi as I dressed. As the taxi arrived (same driver lol) he grabbed his wallet, and gave me money for the ride and then asked if I would accept a gift, and handed me 200. I said yes, kisses him and got in the taxi home.

Nov 5, 2019

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  • Does he have snap?

  • Everyone wins

  • Yea, but I did not do it for the money. Just to be clear.

  • You mean just to be defensive

  • Okay dude whatever

  • Nothing wrong with being a sugar baby better than these incest duck is don't let people make u feel bad if I enjoyed it. If the dude wss old and gross then ur f****** weird but if not there's really nothing wrong here don't let people tell u that big difference between prostitution u didn't ask for money upfront

  • Thank you for commenting, I think you make an important distinction. The guy was not old and gross. I said middle aged, but that was just compared to me. He was maybe like 45 at a guess. He was kinda cute in a mature way. So it like when girls have a picture of Brad Pitt, he is kinda old but still cute, something like that.
    I did not expect money, and didn't do it for the money, I wanted to do it, it made me feel naughty and sexy, and I have no regrets.

  • You no speak English good, you go 'way now

  • Plus dude probably is jealous I'm jealous too if it's that ez why don't I f*** me

  • U win a prize for using the j word as predicted, looooool

  • Auto correct... Edit * incest f********
    * u enjoyed it

  • Sugar babies = whores. It doesn't matter if you claim you're in college for a law degree instead of turning tricks at some hourly motel, if you're jiggling your t****** and giving up the trim in exchange for goods, that is prostitution. Lie to your little princess self all you want and call people like me jealous, that's all you've got. This is REALITY, sweetheart.

  • No need for that. If a person has s** for money that is respectable.

  • Harsh

  • Reality often is, deal with it or get off the planet

  • True

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