I tried it, I didn't like it.

When I was a teenager my cousin and I came across a...Trunk let's call it of her parents...Hidden treasures and it brought to light a lot of things. More of a box than an actual trunk but it had been hidden away far in the back of their closet and tucked away under a bunch of other stuff, being nosy teenage girls we had been raiding their closet while they were away and we both were a bit gobsmacked by what we had found.
Pictures, Videos, letters, Toys...Yeah it was a veritable tickle trunk of debauchery. We quickly realized that our parents (My mom and her dad are siblings) had secret double lives we were not aware of and it was a lot of wanting to look away but not being able to, There were a lot of questionable things in there that maybe we should have never been made aware of but we did.
If you haven't figured it out yet we became aware that our parents belonged to a group of swingers and not only our parents, That would have been weird but there were other people we recognised in the photo's and videos and there was a lot of stuff we should not have been watching but there were photos of my mom and her mom and our other cousins mom and other women in varoious stages of undress, Touching, Kissing and...More with each other. Obviously there was no incest (Don't be gross) although it is super weird that they all belonged to the same group, Apparently we come from a family of men who are hung like a mules which I was unaware of, There were pictures of each of our moms with multiple men and multiple other women and on and on it went. We did watch a few hours of video over the course of the next year or so until suddenly one day while her parents were out we went to find something new to watch in the box and the whole thing was gone.
We never did find out if they realized it had been discovered and got rid of it or if it was just gotten rid of for some other reason or maybe just a new hiding spot was utilized but anyway it was gone, I knew that she had dabbled in the group stuff throughot her late teens and early 20's but then started having kids and from what I had heard, Her and her husband had stopped at that point, Myself, I never did, I was more conservative in my bedroom life although I won't lie, I did get around a bit in the beginning and into college where I did have a one nighter with a girl which was a huge fail since we were both trashed, Neither of us even remembered it after and it just wrecked our friendship in the end but then I met my husband and calmed down.
Now almost 25 years from when we found that box I had decided, Well....not decided it just happened but on my 40th birthday my husband and I had an eperience with a friend of mine, She has been in my life for 20 years and him for 18 so they know each other well and a little too much partying and a little flirting led to more flirting which led to a lap dance from her to him which led to some kissing and some groping between me and her and from there it progressed to the bedroom and one thing led to another and she had her first experience with a girl, Her first experience with a couple and her first intercour$e "O" and lots of other stuff, It was kind of a marathon which was completely due to the fact that my husband had never had an experience anything like this and he just kept going and going like the energizer bunny and I don't think any of us got any sleep until after the sun had come up.
Anyway over the course of the next week or so I thought a lot about what had happened and every aspect of it from being with a woman to watching my husband be with another woman and I haven't really been able to get to the point where I feel it is something I would do again, It all went well, Everyone had fun, Yes I had fun, Yes I enjoyed both of them, She enjoyed both of us and of course he enjoyed all of it but I don't think I would do it again, Been there done that and time to move on I think.

Nov 5, 2019

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  • About 15 years ago I found out that my dad had met my moms sister before my mom and they hooked up at a party, He met my mom two weeks later and they started dating but he was still having random hook ups with her sister for two months until mom put a stop to it and then after I was born they had a fourway with my moms siter and her husband.
    Ok, all super F'ed up but apparently everything is ok and it's not a regular thing so whatever, Just let them be them and you be you.

  • I like to touch girls feet am i wierd

  • Yes

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