Taxi driver

Just recently I've had thoughts of my wife with someone else and it turns me on , I am a jealous guy so I don't know if I could handle it in reality . But I can't stop thinking of different scenarios which this could happen . My wife on the other hand shows no interest in anybody else , I asked her a little while back if she ever had any regrets of only ever being with me and missing out . My wife said No don't be silly I'm happy , Thou it has crossed my mind once or twice what would it be like with somebody else but that's it . How these thoughts got into my head originally , We went to a party and my wife got somewhat intoxicated . Which was the first time I had ever known her to be drunk , Now my wife was looking good in her mini skirt and heels but not very elegant getting in and out of the taxi . This is when I noticed the driver when he was helping me get my wife out he could see up her skirt , Anyway we got my wife into the house then dropped her into the armchair . My wife's skirt had ridden up showing her thong , I could have adjusted it but instead I asked the driver how much I owed him . I had the money in my pocket but I said I'll get the money then left the room I don't know why , I waited a few minutes then went back into the room giving him his money then he went , When I returned I noticed my wife's skirt was even higher also her thong was not covering her it was off to the side exposing her lips . I will never know if she moved and her skirt went higher and her thong slipped or did he touch her , I put my hand on her crutch she never stirred . This is why I have these thoughts if my wife was sober this would never have happened , Any ideas how I can go further with her sober ? I want her to be naughty and aware of everything

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  • You know the women that post rude replies on here? Getting men going by talking filth to them?

    Well they're really men

  • Your husband says you like it rough!?
    I will throw you on the bed, ripping off your knickers, and burying my face into you p*ssy I want to taste your juices!!
    Let me know you know you are there you know how!

  • You are being very rude I'm going to flip you over! Stick your ass in the air!!
    When you have done hit the heart button!

  • Do you want me to carry on licking out you p****, hit the button if you do!

  • You need to be rubbing you c*******! Do you want me to lick somewhere else?
    Hit the button if you do?

  • Do you want me to put my self inside your p*ssy I'm hard for you! Hit the button?

  • I going to hold wrap your hair along my fist and hold you down! I want to put my hard c*** inside you! and I know that's what you want! This time message back!

  • OK then my very hard c*** is inside you I'm pushing as hard as I can! Do wish that I was really there doing it!?

  • I'm grabbing hold of you shoulders banging so hard your t*** are swinging uncontrollably! And you feel my self cracking against your ass, do you want me to do that?

  • Oh s*** my step daughter just walked in on me what do I say to her? Please I don't know what to say she is waiting for an explanation?

  • Please help me out show her that there is someone there? Please!

  • What's she doing

  • Asking why I have a h******, it why go down! she knows your there she just keep staring at me, she wants to talk to you!

  • Who's there what are you and my step dad up to?

  • Please help me out she is threatening to tell her mum just talk to her please!!

  • Sort him out

  • What do you mean sort him out? Is that what you were doing?

  • She has given me the laptop back, and is undressing and she is saying is this what you mean? Oh my god! She is completely naked what am I supposed to do?

  • Seriously help! What a I supposed to do?!

  • Hello! Are you alone or is your husband with you?

  • You must have finished your shift by now? Was everything alright with your wife last night?
    Is she there now to talk to?

  • I have , what do you want from this does it turn you on , Tell me what you would really like to do to her and be totally honest , don't hold back , See what happens when she's in later

  • I want to have s** with her! And I want to pleasure her and her pleasure me!

    Ok m actually in the shower right now, I would like to talk with her please!

  • She will listen to you at midnight she said ?

  • Hello are you there?

  • Well what do you think then?

  • I know you was annoyed the other night, but you are lying there and you must be h**** and I'm here h**** for you hit the hear button if you have read this!

  • Hello are you there? Are you alone? And are you ready to talk?

  • Go and tell your wife I would like to speak to please!

  • She's asleep

  • Then wake her up please!

  • I can't what do you want her for exactly you can tell me

  • I needed to talk to her about the other night I think she was upset? What has she said?

  • Nothing I don't think she's upset , she's ok , what did you want to do to her you can tell me , I'll get her back on tomorrow Midnight for you

  • Well first, I would like to know what kind of things turn her on, as so she can be turn easier, are you at work or are you off tonight?

  • Off to work in half hour later tonight , she likes to have her hair pulled treated a little rough at times , if you tell me what you want to do to her , I will make sure she's here tomorrow

  • I like rough, and I like to role play, seduction and generally open minded.
    Could you get her to dress up for me please? Sexy underwear!

  • Well don't come on to me and touch me, i just want to get a taxi and i will chat but no touching !

  • Are you there?

  • Hello sorry I'm late

  • What do you want to chat about

  • Yes I am help you if want me to?

  • What do you have in mind

  • Have you and your wife ever done any sexting?

  • No , what do you want to do explain what's on your mind exactly and what you would do to help me and my wife

  • She will not just jump straight into having s** with someone straight away, if you start with sexting or cyber s**, then you will know how you will react, and also your wife's inhabitants will open up hopefully achieving your over all goal

  • I suppose it doesn't sound to invasive for my wife to talk to someone , do I have to be with her or should I leave her alone to talk to someone and see if she wants to do this it would be her decision , What do you personally get out of this situation I would like to know honestly ?

  • Honestly; I find it exciting I really do like to be of help to people and I like new experiences.
    Obviously it is her decision, it would be better if you did leave her on her own as she would naturally be nervous.

  • Have you ever done this sort of thing before if so what do the wives say to you and what do they do , also what would you be doing I need to know what would she call you .?

  • Yes I have done this a few times, and it helps the couple's to find exciting new experiences, and what we say and do' is up to you two, some times simulate s** others times erotic talking all depends on what you want? As for names don't use real names as to keep it anonymous, what would you like and your wife?

  • I am talking to my wife right now she said she will read what you write to her at first , If she likes what you are saying she will try it again tomorrow and respond to your texts . I have to go off to work tonight at midnight so she will watch out for your text when I've gone , I'll leave it to you

  • So you want me to message your wife at midnight then?

  • Yes she will be waiting she promised me she will read your texts , Then tell me in the morning if she likes it , She will acknowledge your first text after that she will let you know when she is going is that ok with you

  • Yes, it is what she feels comfortable with I appreciate this is new ground for you both,
    Until midnight then

  • Hello are there? Are you alone? And your heart must be beating like drum?

  • Yes to all

  • I know it feels scary, yet it's exciting have you been looking forward to to it?

  • You must be a very beautiful woman, your husband seems to like men looking at you!

  • Look around your room you are totally alone, yet some how my presence is there gently kissing your neck and on you succulent lips

  • I'm gently stroking your skin, my hands are drawn to your b****** I am caressing them and you are giving out a gentle moan, you want me to undress your top half so I can expose you b******

  • They are amazing! I can't resist I have kiss them and squeeze you nipples which are getting hard as you read this! I would be sucking on your nipples by now! And moans slightly louder!

  • Your hands have run them selves around my torso, but now your erg is to strong you reach down my pants, to find I'm as excited as you! You hand is travelling up and down my shaft making my c*** pulsate with anticipation!

  • I have pulled down' which I imagine to be your thongs, you are wet now! I can help my self I ease my middle finger inside you' lifting it to your g spot! You now panting and moaning!

  • As I imagine you are actually naked by now!
    I have to taste you and I feel you would want to do the same you straddle your legs over my face allowing me access to you p****, as I start to lick you bend down and start to suck on me! Both pleasuring each other with our mouths you are grinding panting and moaning!!

  • My tongue is lashing around were ever you hips direct it! I would now have a finger inside you also rubbing your g spot as to give you multiple o******! Now having my finger and tongue inside you is not enough I NEED put my pens inside you!

  • My c*** is throbbing and never been so hard, I don't know which position you prefer but I would do missionary to starts I want to look in to your eyes as I enter you!!
    I can only imagine that you really are playing with yourself right with these words?

  • I am gently sliding my c*** in to your p****, your eyes widen and you let out a gasp 'I am rather large' I will start off slow and deep and start getting quite a bit fast to the sounds of your moans and say yes!

  • My hands would be all over your fantastic t*** and I would be French kissing you,
    As I imagine you are naked and are actually playing with yourself right now!
    I am also naked with an unbelievable h******! Imagining we are having s**!
    And I would be rolling around touching every part of your body I would be going very fast now!!

  • But I would want to see your lovely ass, I am going to flip you over and enter you by behind! (I will give you a minute to RE-position your self! (Hit the heart button when you are ready for me to continue?)

  • I have slid in from behind and my I am hold your hair in one hand and caressing your t*** with the other while staring at your divine ass I'm ramming very hard now! You are panting and gasping yet moaning with extreme pleasure!

  • I would now still have your hair tight while ramming you, and smacking your ass, I would also be rubbing your c*******, as to excite you! ( hit the heart button if you are wet and need me to carry on and I'm doing it right?)

  • I've pulled you up on to my legs reverse cow girl I'm kissing you, you are amazing! Now I'm rubbing your c******* hard you are screaming while thrusting back and forth on my hard c***, I get the feeling you want me somewhere else too (hit the heart button if you want us to do this!)

  • I've bent you back to doggy style I need to ease you! I would gently rub around your ass and gently put my finger in, you are now pleading with me to stick it in there you need it right now!! ( hit the heart button if you need it now!)

  • I'm finished , same time tomorrow

  • Yes definitely, do you wish to type back tomorrow? And you come?

  • Hello, are there? Are you alone? And your heart must beating like a drum!?

  • Hire that taxi driver again and again

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