Mom Dad and me.

Let me start by saying I always felt something my parents and how they lived a life style under the radar. I'm a 18 year old woman. My parents had me young. Dad was 20 and Mom was just 14 when I was born and both said they have no family.

During the this lock down I was bored and was in the attic and found an old trunk buried behind boxes. I opened it and went through it as it hand old pictures and legsl papers and Mom's diaries. After 3 hour I was in shock. Dad and Mom are brother and sister. There parents (my grandparents) had died a when Dad was 18 and Mom was 12. They inherited lot of money and at some point from I learned from the diaries they turned to each other and fell in love. They lost their virginity to each other.

I realized now why we lead a life as we did. It also explained why they never fought and were so into each other. They had an bond of incestuous love that was stronger than any husband and wife could ever be.

It also explained to me as I became a teen i was sexually drawn to both of them. I guess I sensed that incest with them is what could make me happy.

Thar night I went to them and showed them what I found. Mom and Dad said they could not fight their love for each other and I was created out of love not l***. I said, I love you both no matter what. And I have the same feeling for both of you. And want the same love.

Mom and Dad were shocked. I kissed them both on the lips. Mom said we can't and I kissed her again and then Dad. I said "This kind of love is what is missing from my life. You both know I have never been happy with anyone."

I kissed Mom again and they both surrendered. After 2 months we are all in love. We know there is no going back to how it was. We all sleep in the same bed. They are incredible lovers. And for the first time in my life I am emotionally and sexually fulfill. I had never c** from s** with a man or woman. Now with Mom and Dad I c** every time.

Mom turned 32 last month and we told Dad we both want children. We both stop using birth control 3 weeks ago and are having a lot of s**.

I love my Mom and Dad forever. Incest is perfect love for us.

May 11, 2020

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  • Obviously the risk is higher with inbreeding especially since your mum and dad are siblings. Perhaps you should consider not having kids? Why not have another child instead of you?

  • Let your mum have the kid

  • Nice fantasy.

  • This is bullshit incest promotion propaganda... total crap

  • Your baby will likely be super f***** up. You're playing a dangerous game of genetic roulette.

  • Anyone else thinking of
    "Hey you Guyyyysssss!"

  • I have no problem with incest. In fact, it turns me on. But children should never be in the mix. That's just wrong.

  • As she and her mother are not even pregnant it is a moot point to talk about genetic effects on children. In college i was a biology major. My PhD is in genetics research. I learned from a statistical view there is only about a 5 or 6 percent increased likelihood of genetic abnormalities. One thing always omitted is that it increases the the likelihood of the positive genetic traits being strengthened at the same percentage.

    I know incest has occurred in my family going back over a 150 years. On average those from the incest genetic lines (myself included) live to 100 years old. Those relatives in the non incest genetic line only live to about 80.

    We just should let them live as they see fit. The heart wants what the heart wants.

  • You and your family are sick and mental.

  • I won’t indulge in right or wrong discussion regarding incest relations but in such relations your upcoming child may suffer from some genetic disorder or some disease as you would be carry forwarding the same genes as that of your parents

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