Shock and Awe

My husband recently passed away and it took me a few weeks to start going through his things to give away or just to trash them. Down in the basement he had a nice storage trunk with a small lock on the latch. I found his set of keys that was for the house and his car, along with other keys. But there was a small key on the ring that looked like it was for a small lock.

I was kneeling in front of the trunk when I opened the lid and just sat back on my knees a moment to comprehend what I was looking at. The trunk was full of women's clothing and high heels and fashion dress boots. There was a small makeup bag like I use to keep my makeup in. Lipstick, blush, eye shadow. A smaller plastic box that contained fake eye lashes as well.

Long skirts, miniskirts, blouses, bra's, corsets, and garter belts of different colors. Two Wigs that were thick long curls of brunette and other auburn. Two pairs of patent pumps with 5in heels, a black pair and white pair. Two pairs of black patent Boots, one pair knee high the other thigh high with 5in heels. Several unopened packs of stockings and pantyhose.

There was another small box with a Key Fob looking thing and I really didn't know what it was and at some point I asked my Son. He told me it was a removable storage drive for a Computer. It would be another few weeks before I would plug it into the computer
to see what was on it.

My husband was 5'8" 165lbs without a beer belly, he wore a size 9 shoe and had very little body hair. When I opened the file on the storage drive I was in total disbelief of who I was looking at.

I remembered seeing the clothing items in the trunk. But now I'm looking at pictures of my husband wearing those things as I clicked the mouse to advance the pictures. One after another my husband posed in various positions in front of the camera. Seated on the sofa or one of the chairs in the living room. Standing or seated in ways just as a woman would do.

So many things shocked me as I looked at more pictures. Not only the way he was dressed but the makeup and wig he wore almost had me convinced he was female at times in certain positions.

Just when I thought I had seen all there was to see the next picture was with my husband and other girl/guy. They were sharing a bottle of wine and taking pictures of themselves as they drank. The other person was about my husbands build and the makeup and wig had me looking twice to make sure it really wasn't a woman. I have no idea who the other person was but I'm sure they could have fooled a lot of people at least from a short distance.

When it came time to getting rid of those things in the trunk I actually kept all the stockings, pantyhose and one pair of the black patent pumps, and the knee high Boots as well. The heels were a bit high, it's been a few years. My daughter commented on me wearing them once when we went out to dinner. I just told her I found them and decided to wear them again.

It's kind of funny how you can be with someone under the same roof and never know what's going on in their mind.

Thank you.

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  • I could troll,but that's unfair.
    As long as you loved him,and he loved you,then it doesn't matter.

  • It's a pity. You know the secrecy is because of fear of judgement. I told my wife some of my secrets and that was enough. She just thinks I am a sikko. So I keep the kink side of me to myself. I come to the internet, to places like this to unload. I think to myself that almost no matter how weird my wife's fantasies were, I would do my very best to accommodate her even if it was not my thing. I'd just do it for her. Unfortunately she does not see it that way. She would not do anything just for me. She just thinks I'm totally sick.

    That is why the OP's husband kept it secret - F E A R !

    So I live with the memories and occasionally indulge myself when she is away. I like and have always liked the feel of tights. I got hold of my fist pair when I was about 6. Way before puberty. Often if I was wearing long pants, I would wear them. When I was 15 I bought a leotard. My mum found where I hid it one day and washed it and put it back in with my undies and singlets. Se was pretty cool. I've also always liked the feel of plastic. Plastic pants. And finally spanking. From as young as I can remember I've been fascinated by it. Got caned a few times at school and I rightly deserved it and have no bad memories. Once I had a girlfriend who dressed in her old school uniform and let me hit her with the cane. After one stroke she screamed and so no more. At least she did not hate me. We stayed together for ages after that but eventually separated. My wife though just thinks I'm totally sick and need help and basically we don't do anything intimate anymore. Even vanilla missionary position.

  • Its more normal than most think for a male to dress in woman's underwear and dresses.
    I have secretly dressed over 45 years now.

  • I want to f*** you while you are dressed in your husbands clothes and boots

  • You are a sad c***, your husband dressed as a woman and got f***** up the a***, because you couldn't satisfy him as a woman but you keep trophies of him as a woman. You are a disgrace to women b****

  • We have a rather large and extended family spread out. I remember when I was a kid hearing my parents talk about one uncle that passed away. I guess they found things like that too stashed away afterwards.

  • You never know a persons deep intimate desires that get's them off. He was too afraid you tell you, he'd probably be humiliated , you would not be happy with a closet queen and it could have been divorce. He had to use someone else for his dark secret because he still wanted you too or he'd have divorced you. Don't blame yourself, there's nothing you could have done to satisfy this.

  • You must be a big girl it your husbands dresses and boots fit you. I like big women and would love to f*** you in the same clothes and boots, that your husband let another man f*** him in. Pity he hid it all you could have f***** him with a strap on and made him a real sissy

  • I agree with this guy

  • Mind you I'm a size 9 shoe, so a comparable size to your husband. I have never done this before but would submit to wearing any of your husband clothes and boots, then after a few drinks you can f*** me with a strap on d****

  • Again I agree, meet him, have some retrospective fun, f*** him like he is your husband!!!

  • Theres a case on youtube where a woman suspected that her husband was having an affair so she set up a hidden cam in their bedroom while she was at work. To her surprise she saw her husband hugging and kissing and overall making out with a man. It doesn't show it on youtube but the two men had s** on their bed and she divorced him.

  • I slept, woke up, slept and woke up and your confession is still longer

  • ^^^^^ lol

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