I’m having s** with my step brother

I didn’t think anything of it at first. I’ll admit, we did flirt a little while back dating 2 years. We ended that quick because we both got into relationships and parted ways. I moved out of the house, and back in with my mom in a different state. I didn’t see, hear or speak to him at all. Recently, some things have happened which led me moving back into my dads and his wife’s house. The night I got back, they offered me a mixed drink. I took it, cause ya girl needed to take her mind off things. My step brother came upstairs and hung out for awhile since we haven’t seen each other in almost 3 years.. we talked, and he kept sneaking sips of my drink because he isn’t of age. He offered to keep me company that night. I said yeah, sure. We both had alcohol in our system and got lost talking about life really.. He pulled a blanket over him and put his leg over mine cause he was tired/cold. I didn’t mind it, cause it was nothing but company. You could just feel the tension. His other leg met with my p****. Was it on accident? Yeah. He played it off as a joke, but kept doing it. It’s about 3am now. We both decide it’s time for bed and we go our ways. He texted me, and said he didn’t like being alone. Eventually we fell asleep. The next day, he said he was h****. And that he had nobody to do anything about it. I laughed, and brushed it off as if he was asking me. A few hours passed and he joked about waking me up by eating my p****. I went along (thinking it wasn’t gonna happen) and that night he ended up sneaking into my room. He got on the bed and hovered over me, slowly leaning into my lips. There I was. Gasping as if I needed it. His hands went up my shirt.. and trailed down to my p****. He pulled my pants off and started sucking on my c***. God.. it was f****** amazing. He said had little time cause he didn’t wanna get caught so he left. I couldn’t take it. I needed his c***. I went into his room and locked the door. I sucked him off for a minute and he said take off my pants. I did. I rode him. He pounded my p****. I made him c**. It was awkward after for a day. We didn’t talk at all. Tonight? He came upstairs and sat next to me. Put his hand on my b*** and started squeezing it. He pulled it out, and sucked on my nipple rubbing my p**** before anyone noticed. He rests his hands inside my shirt on my tittie or on my thigh making my p**** feel tingly when nobody is around. He made me so wet. I’ve already had him, but I want more. He keeps teasing me, like we’re playing a little game. Our parents are married but f***. He keeps me on edge. We almost got caught yesterday.. It’s our little secret. Is it weird? Is it incest?

Nov 6, 2019

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  • Sounds like me and my step brother I only done it twice and it was so f****** good girl I don’t blame you lol p**** gets to tingle as soon as I see him but it’s never awkward between us

  • It seems you are both adults. There is noting wrong in having s** between consenting adults, and better if it is within the privacy of home.

  • Very true

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