Best rack

My wife's baby sister has the best rack, Hands down never have and never will see anything like them, I accidentally walked in on her yesterday while she was changing, She and my wife were going to hop in the hot tub and she was changing in our ensuite closet and I came in after work, My wife was downstairs doing something with one of the kids and I strolled in, Put my stuff on the table and went into the bedroom to use the shower, I didn't even think about it I just flung the door open and walked in and she was standing there in the buff fixing her bikini bottoms, she qhickly pulled them up and I get a quick glance as she stood up and said "Oh hey", I know I was staring, I couldn't help it but she wasn't even trying to cover her b****, My wife and both of her sisters look VERY similar, If it wasn't for a few minor differences here and there they could be triplets except for the fact that my wife and her next younger sister are both...Small chested, Like a mid sized B cup or something and the baby of the family is VERY large chested, Like a DDD.
All three are shortish for a girl, Nicely built and very attractive but the youngest got all the b****, Like ALL. Anyway she is standing there, Not trying to cover up at all, Pale skinned, Freckly, Her huge b**** have large pink areolae and flat nips, Almost not there and one is inverted, I have no idea how long I stared but she laughed and they jiggled and she snapped her fingers breaking my trance, She said "Don't stare" and just grabbed her top, I was scared my wife would catch me in the bathroom while she was topless but I couldn't leave, She just fumbled with her top not even turning her back to me, Got it on and tied up then grabbed a towel and said "Coming?", I so wanted to say "Almost" but didn't.
I went and showered and was in the middle of whacking it and my wife came in, I quit and turned my back to the shower doors, She opened the shower doors and looked at me, I said "What?", She tilted her head and said "So...Got a show did ya?", I laughed and said "Uh, Well" and she looked at my erection and said "Take care of that and come join us" than closed the shower and left, I showered and got some trunks on and slid in beside my wife, Her sister had gotten out to grab a beer and she looked at me and said "All better" grabbing me under the water, I scowled and said "Don't be weird" and nothing else was said.
Wow, some day, some guy is going to be very lucky to get her on her back or on top and get to see those constantly.

Nov 7, 2019

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