Wife Sherry

Sherry and I have been in this wife sharing thing now for over two years and she has really gotten into it and she did over 17 guys the first 13 months then we started trying different things with the guys and one day she found a guy with an 11 inch c*** and she liked it and agreed that if we could find a bigger one she would see if she could take that two .We looked over the internet and found a few guys but they all lived so far away so we just kind of pushed that to one side until We were up in Roseburg Oregon for a week visiting her uncle and he asked us to pick up some electrical stuff at Lowes where he has an account.
He also want to find out how to wire a three way light switch so off we went with his wife taking our kids on a horseback ride around their place.
Sherry has become very open now and she is as friendly as a puppy and as we were looking through the electrical fittings a guy came up to help and he was not tall at about 5-11 or so but he had huge hands and big feet and I saw Sherry checking him out he was a little pot bellied and not a real handsome looking guy but he seamed friendly enough and Sherry took me to one side and asked do you remember what Lilly said about men big hands and feet big c**** why don't you look around for awhile and let me talk to him and she pulled out her notebook to take notes about the three way switch.
I was more than willing but nor sure just how we could go about it here so I looked around and peeked in once in awhile and I could see that they were talking the last time earnestly.
I finally came back and she had several items on a push cart several bags of fence post mix and a couple rolls of wire nothing that we couldn't carry in the 94 dodge camper Van and she took me aside and said he has a big c*** alight and said he would show it to me if you agree we can pay for it and he will take his lunch break then he will help us load it then he will get in and Show me his c*** he never measured it but said it was big we only have an hour so I don't know what I can do but if it looks good we can see if he wants to meet later we can.
We charged it to Vance her brothers account and we had parked in the loading zone so after we loaded it up Walter looked around and stepped inside Sherry followed him giving me an impish smile and we had Captains chairs so he wiggled his ass out of his pants and Sherry laughed and grabbed his c*** it was huge and she wrapped her fingers still giggling and said look at this f***** hon god I cant even get my fingers around it as she stroked him her eyes sparkling with mischief she measured it with her elbow at his crotch and his c*** head reached to the palm of her hand as she gleefully played with his rather small b**** for such a big c***.
After stroking it for a short time she licked his p*** slit and slobbered onto his c*** head and her eyes were sparling with excitement as she tried to open her mouth wide enough to suck on his c*** head and that was all she could get in her mouth.
As his c*** begin to get slick she manages to suck another inch but she gagged and had to stop and she turned to me and said f*** me a little and get me wet I want to see if I can get it in me as she got onto her knees and I pulled her shorts off and I fingered her for a few seconds then stuck my c*** into her and I f***** her only a short time until she wanted to try and she sat in the opposite seat and Walter got on his knees in front of her and he lifted one of her legs over his shoulder and was trying to get his d*** head into her but his c*** would bend in the middle so he fingered her some more and then he spit on his c*** head and pushed again Sherry was grimacing from pain but she was pushing against him to as his c*** head began to open her up then as I watched his c*** head began to force its way into her then it was gone and Sherry grunted as it slipped into her and she was panting with effort breathing in gasps then Waler forcedmore of his c*** into her and she said it hurts so I leaned over and drooled some salive oon his c*** and he pushed and more of his c*** slipped into her I guess he had about six inches of his d*** in her now and he said I, going to c** and he jerked severl times and I watched his c*** swell up each time he shot into her and Sherry was watching to and she began to laugh excitedly and she looked at me and said he is C****** baby I can feel it he is C****** as Walter grunted trying not to get any more of his c*** into her then he began to relax slowly and his c*** began to go soft I looked at my watch and said hey Walt you will have a half our to get something to eat.


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  • I wish i know how he got 11 inch and c** as a faucet? please ask what is his favorite food- seriously!

  • Some time back my graduate level best friend alongwith his wife came to

    our town on business trip and stayed at our house. Once we too have

    discussed off swapping wife and s** together and had laughed over phone.

    On that day at my home, while we went out to have a walk in park, the

    swap s** popped up. I told my wife would not agree. He told his wife was

    ready for group s** and she may help my wife to agree for the act

    tonight. Thinking of f****** my buddy's big gorgeous wife, I told him our

    bedroom door shall not be locked from inside and while we will be in the

    act of s** you both may storm in nude and see how things work out. In

    bedroom getting my wife full naked telling her my friend who has a big

    c*** may be f****** his wife now and started nibbling her ears which

    gives her the arousal. Her legs wide open were locked on my back and

    hands wrapped around my shoulder. Just then they barged in. Startled my

    wife struggled to hide her p**** with her palm and b**** with other hand.

    She said Hey what you people are up to while she was googling his massive

    erection and big c***. I said don't worry just they will give us a

    company only. My friend's wife got to the bed and took my wife;s head as

    if consoling,. My friend sat on the side my wife and lay beside her. I

    signaled my friend to start and he slowly put his fingers down her p****

    and started stimulating her c******* and I too followed suit with his

    wife. I knew my wife too submissive and some assurance from my side we

    enjoyed the full night. In the morning while they were leaving she gave

    my friend full liplock kiss while he just fondled her b**** and other

    hand cupping her p****. After they left we went to the bedroom and had

    another s** and I felt a different wife too h**** and sexy. She thanked

    me for such a wonderful experience. Once in a while such change is good.

  • Daviddalley408@gmail.com i would luv to see mate and i will send some back of my wife

  • I want to see her slutty p****! Eat_cooch@yahoo.com

  • I want to see her! Randddom722@gmail.com

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