My mean parents

I Confess that I have been cursing at my parents behind their back. You see my Parents are African Immigrants (don't worry they are legal) and they have the whole even though we come from poverty we can get an education and be rich idea in their heads. My life was decent up until 3rd grade. You see my Mom had been going through college and she had been through some rough times. One day she came home from her job and started yelling at us saying that the place was un clean. She had said that if she ever saw the place like that again she would beat me and my sisters until we are dead. This frightened us to the core. So from that day on every time my mom came home from work she would yell at us to clean and start going on lectures about how we are worthless retches and that we are useless children. She also asked us about our contributions to our family. Then she made the same threat to beat us until we are dead. Over time I started to tune these out so it was fine but then in 4th grade when I was studying in the basement she turned on the T.V at a high volume to watch the news. I asked her to lower it down and she told me to deal with it. I turned around then I opened a drawer to grab a pencil and when I closed it, it made a loud sound. My mother assumed I had an attitude so She made me go into the corner and do squats as punishment. She made me go all the way down as I was doing that I tried to explain it all to her but she said that she would kill me right there and then if I said another word. Afraid for my life I continued doing squats for 3 hours. Every 30 minutes she would make me speed up and I couldn't take any breaks what so ever. As soon as I was done I collapsed right on the floor. That's when I hated my mother with all my might. My father however was a different story. He had been kind to me and he would cheer me and my siblings up after my mom was so aggressive. As I grew up my mom would stress out my dad and make him more and more hard headed. Several weeks ago I decided to finally escape the controlling grasp of my mother and rebel. I had Slit my eyebrow and got lots of compliments from people at school. When my mother found out she was on her way to work. She then yelled at me and called me a disgrace saying that she wishes she had never given birth to me. Luckily my mom didn't have time to bother me so I was fine until my dad came home. You see my dad had been seen it weeks before but for some reason my mom hadn't noticed. She had pestered him while he was driving home from work and yelled at him. He had yelled at me before but it was when it did something bad. Like I was saying as I grew up my mom pressured my dad more and recently he had been saying gender stereotypes on how a man should act. Believe me it was frustrating. Ok back to story, so when he walked in the house he pushed me into the wall and said I'm a disgrace and then he punch my arm. He punched my chest as hard as he could and then he slapped me. He started spouting he gender stereo types and he said I was worthless and a waste of his time, he then said I shouldn't have been born. At that point something inside me snapped . He then told me to go water the plants and think of what I've done. I took that opportunity to try to Run away. I ran as far as I could and hid in a bush for several hours. It was dark when I finally decided to move from the bush and run to Grassroots homeless shelter. Long story short the police brought me back to my parents. When I got home my parents didn't even care about what I had to say, thanks to my older sister we were able to have a calm chat. In this chat all my mother did was insult me. I kept trying to explain but tears made the words weak. When the meeting was over I ran to my room. I cursed my parents for what they had done. I cursed my- self for being born. I then knew what was coming so I tried to commit suicide by hanging my- self with a tie but the tie ripped when I fell unconscious. When I went to school a friend asked me how was my weekend I called my parents B****** and walked to class. I didn't however tell him what happened .

Its been 2 months since it happened. My Grades have suffered due to trauma and me zoning out due to nightmares. Whenever I get home my parents start lecturing about how god will make me pay making the teachers think they are the standard "ghetto" parents.

Well that is the story of a 7th grade boy who cursed at his parents. Its not really sad but it makes me feel bad that I was such a bad son.

Nov 13, 2019

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  • If your in the US then tell on them. My father was a large brutal man so I can identify with you. These days reporting them will most likely get you some help.

  • Wish reporting my parents would have gotten me some help, or that any responsible adult would have noticed the dirt and bruises and stepped up. But nobody ever did.

  • If your white, forget about it your on your own

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