Blown 2 guys

A ways back, met up with a guy I met online to j*** off together at his lace. We pulled our c**** out and started at it. I got bold and reached over and started to stroke him. A few strokes later and he's in my mouth. So thick, so hard, so much c***. Funny the first time I run into another uncircumcised guy.. I chicken out before we c**.

A few weeks later, meet up with another guy. He pulls down his pants and takes it out. Smaller than mine, but circumcised. First experience with one of those. I start playing with it, he gets hard and I take it in my mouth. All of it. It's so much easier when it's not that big. I try rubbing my tongue on the underside of his head that's good. He says slow down. I say to myself why does he want me to slow down, this has to feel real good. What's this warm in my mouth? And more now, where is it coming from... Oh, that's how quick it happens lol. I spit it in his bed and left after. Was pretty drunk. In retrospect, should've played with it more. Still real curious about how they work without foreskin..

Also let a different guy play with my foreskin, blow me and request and receive a facial.

Nov 20, 2019

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