Good for her

My wife and I had a gathering at our place last night, My is 32, I am 34 and my wife's 40 year old sister was there and she was going to stay the night, My wife and I don't have any and don't plan on any kids but her sister has had 4, She is a very pretty, Short, Brunette girl.
As the night wore on my wifes sister who is divorced for the last two years had been flirting with a friend of mine who is 33, She had told my wife earlier apparently that she had not had s** in over a year and a half since the last time she banged her ex after they had split, My wife had mentioned that they were getting along well and by the end of the night I had basically just asked if he was staying or leaving, He looked at my wife's sister and she just blushed and said "You can stay...If you want". He said he was staying and my wife was already getting into bed so I locked up and went to bed.
My wife and I were laying in bed with the door open and we could hear them whispering and talking and giggling and so on, After a bit we heard them go into the sapre room which apparently is not very sound proof and the set up will need to be changed because the two beds share a wall which got kind of awkward. We could liteally hear them kissing, Hear basically every word and much more, I know my friend knew full well that he was not being quiet because he told me this morning that he knew we would be able to hear but didn't know how well we could hear, My wife whispered in my ear that she should say something and I just shrugged, She was about to get out of bed when she heard her sister whisper "Holy, You have a big ****", Her eyes got wide, I covered my face with a pillow so I wouldn't laugh out loud and I motioned for her to go over there, She shook her head no and both our eyes got wide as we stared at each other after her sister said "God I want to suck your big ****", And what do you know, Next thing we hear is slurping.
So my wife and I lay there listening in on their interlude and my wife is just shaking her head, Her sister is not a big talker during s** apparently but enough, I assume it was when he put it in that she softly moaned "Oh goodness, Slow, Slow, God you're big", She did a lot of moaning and groaning and there was a bit of "Oh, No, Too deep", She giggled and said "Be gentle, You're gonna break me", We did hear a bit of a discussion which we realized was him convincing her to take her top off when he said "Wow, You have nothing to be shy about", There was a little back and forth and he said "Yeah but your nippers are f****** awesome", I looked at my wife puzzled and bit her lip and whispered in my ear "I'll tell you later".
There was a bit more banging and she was definitely building to a big O and then she moaned not so quietly "I'm gonna come, I'm gonna come, f@ck me, F@ck me, Harder, Harder, Yeah, Yeah, OOOOHHHHH F@CK yeah" and moaned out loud as she came, My wife and I stared at each other and then she covered her face as her sister said "Don't stop" and he said "You want more?" and she said "Don't talk, Just keep going" and she got off a second time like right away and then right after she was like "Oh god yes, Now you come, Yeah" and he asked where and she said "Not inside", He said "Open your mouth" and she said "No", She said "Right here" which was apparently when she squeezed her t*** together and he said he pulled out, and went straight for it shoving it in her mouth, She wasn't happy but she let him and that was when my wife and I heard her groaning unhappily, According to him she swallowed some and then pushed him back making him finish on her t*** and my wife and I heard her gasp "No, I can't swallow that much".
This morning he told me she laid there and let him feel her up and we listened to them for a bit more and she said "Ok, Nope, Don't ruin the best org@sm i have ever had, Just lay there", He told me she was laying face down and he was rubbing her bum hole with his finger but she didn't let him do it for more than a couple seconds. Things kind of went quiet and I started grabbing at my wife and she made a disgusted face and slapped my hand away, I tried a bit more and she handed me a box of kleenex off the night table and laughed, I tossed it on the floor and went to sleep.
Next morning I got up and went to make coffee, My friend had left and left the spare room door wide open, I glanced in and my wife's sister was passed out sprawled across the bed, I didn't expect her to have that nice of a body after 4 kids but I didn't see a stretch mark anywhere and other than her b**** being small and saggy her nippers are quite a sight, Small areolas but her nips are long, Wrinkly, Bumpy and just overall amazing, Her vag is nothing less than beautiful, Shaved bald, Pink lips with just a hint of inner l**** sticking out, I always just assumed that after pushing 4 kids out of it that her vag would look like a roast beef sandwich but it is truly about as close to perfect as you could get.
Next day my wife and her sister sat around for a few hours before her sister left and I asked if she told her, She said no. My friend said she texted him this afternoon and asked if he was interested in going to see her at her place 2 hours away, I asked if he was going and he said "Of course, She is fu@king amazing in bed.

Nov 20, 2019

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