I am thinking about doing adult movies

I was 18 a few months back and I want to do an adult film to the point where I have saved some email addresses for adult sites and I am trying to work up the courage to email them. I don't really know why, modeling just seems glamourous and exciting to me. I have thought about doing a film here in England or doing one in America and just pretending that I am taking a holiday. I was planning on sending some emails on my birthday, but I couldnt click 'send'

I don't know why I want it so much. I am not really 'slutty' (I have only had one boyfriend and have only really done things with him!) and my mum and my friends would be shocked if she/they knew that I was seriously thinking about doing this!

I want the money but I kind of want the crazy experience. I would like to know what it is like to be the only naked girl in a room full of men, or what it is like having to do something sexual with someone I have literally only just met. I would like to see how I would react doing the things I watch in p*** films. Would I freak out and run out of the room? Would I be professional and do everything I was asked? Would I look 'sexy' and confident while I was being filmed, or nervous? How far would I be able to go lol!

Nov 21, 2019

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