Happy ending massage?

I guess it's just a little surprising to me, since I'm a pretty good looking guy, and have been getting professional massages for almost 20 years, but I have never had a massage therapist ask me about a happy ending ever.

The one time I thought something was going to happen was at a resort in northern New Mexico, where I got a 90 min massage. I told her she could remove my towel, and she did. I told her I really like to have my butt massaged, and she did exactly that. I told her she can have free reign on my body, and do whatever she wanted. She did spend a good amount of time on my ass, and pretty much massaged within 1 inch of my a******, rubbing her palms and entire arm up and down several times each cheek like that.

When she told me to flip to my front side, she asked if I wished to have my towel placed back on me, and I said no, not necessary… I was definitely super turned on, and was fully erect when I turned over. There is no way she couldn't tell how hard my c*** was, since it was right there. I told her I was sorry about that, and she said it's totally natural. She put me at ease. She kept going with her massage, and came within an inch of my p**** and b****, professionally, many times.

At one point, when I thought this was actually going to happen, she was spending a good amount of time in my loins region, and I told her she can move it if it's in the way, and she took that liberty twice. I can still remember how that felt,
Having her push my c*** aside with her palm while she dug in deep with her other hand, and that was that. My c*** was leaking pre-c** from the time I was on my belly, and every once in a while, I would have to squeeze it, and wipe it on the sheet next to me. Kind of embarrassing and gross… I was wondering if this was ever going to happen…

We finished the massage, and it was a fantastic massage, and I told her that. She could tell I was super turned on by her, and definitely gave me an interesting smile on the way out, almost saying, "I wish I could…"

When she left the room, I immediately went for the massage oil, and stroked my c*** for less than a minute, until I came into some tissues.

I went back there a couple of times in the future, but she had moved on. Anyway, pretty hot story.

Nov 25, 2019

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  • My wife and I were in Bend Oregon on business. We stayed at a motel there for three days, I spotted one of those advertisers on a stand by the door at a corner store, grabbed one. The back section had several ads, so back at the room I called and got one coming by while the wife went shopping. She was a pretty woman about 30. I didn't expect anything, not really, but while lying on my stomach she stroked my upper leg and trapped my d***, sliding her oily hand down it.
    "That's the best part." I told her. "Are you OK with that?" She asked. "Sure." I said. "$25", she said." So, from behind, she went right to work, man that was different and so good. Finally she had me turn over, towel gone by then, there she stood topless. Real small busted, nipples like buttons. She gave me a 2nd happy ending, another new one.
    Excellent. The only other time I got it more than once was from an old lady in Portland, she pulled on it until there was nothing left. She was about 60, and loved to do it, he rubdowns were about 3 minutes, then on to the main event. I have found the ones that advertise in the small flyer type free ads are mostly willing.

  • I had a similar experience, when I went for a massage at a resort. I wasn't sure of etiquette around underwear so when she asked me to undress I asked and she said 'everything off'.
    The massage was as expected untill the legs, where her hand went right up under the towel to my ass, and even glanced across my b****. I had never had that so was pleasantly surprised and started to wonder if this was going to involve a happy ending.
    By the time she did the other leg the towel was falling off so she removed it. She then worked on my very lower back, and spent slot of time on my ass, including running her finger across by bum hole making it retreat in.
    I was sure it was happening but when I turned over the towel came back. I had a semi and a little teepee going on but it was now back to normal massage. Then stood from behind my head she slid her hands all the way down my chest, and tummy and under the towel, just making contact with the base of my c***. The best bit was her t*** were now right on my face.
    I got hard and she could see it.
    She then moved to my arms, basic massage, but left my hand hanging over the table and reached over for my other arm so her crotch was on my hand. I was scared to move but wanted to touch. Legs again and again she slightly touched my b****, smiling as she did.
    Like you I said sorry for my erection, and she was very polite. Then just as I thought it was going to happen the massage was over and she left.

  • Despite no happy ending I really liked the massage, so I booked again the next night and asked for her. She was very pretty, and toned.
    She remembered me and welcomed me back, I apologised for my erecion last time and she said it was fine and she didn't mind. This time the towel didn't come back after falling off, and she said to me, 'i know what you want but I can't'. I promised I would never get her in trouble and would be silent. She asked if I could be quick? I nodded and 30s in to the hand job and just as I stroked her ass I came big. She wiped up and I tried to give her a tip but she refused and smiled, just saying 'it's ok'
    As I left she said to me, if you want another massage please book for in your room.
    The night after next was my last night and I booked her to come to my room. She looked professional but hot as h***. We spent 5 mins apologising to each other for last time, and she said she hand never given a happy ending before except to boyfriends. Wasn't sure if it was true but I was happy to believe. This massage was different. She suggested she wait in the bathroom while I changed, I said no need and got naked while she watched. She began a sensual massage, and right away I tested the water by grabbing her ass. Fast forward, flipped over I pushed my luck and my hand down her pants, she didn't stop. She jerked me off big time as I stroked her ass and p****. After a big c** and tidying up I handed her a big tip, which she handed back. I didn't get it. Then I realised, she didn't want to do it for money.
    So anyway we chatted, and it came up that she wanted to buy a car, so I offered her a donation to the car fund which she accepted with thanks. Very nice girl

  • My sister used to massage me and it would totally get me hard. She would quite often give me a happy ending.

  • Funny that, your sister used to give me ones too!

  • Me too. And my mother. And my unborn child. And several stray dogs, for special occasions like birthdays

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