Happy ending massage?

I guess it's just a little surprising to me, since I'm a pretty good looking guy, and have been getting professional massages for almost 20 years, but I have never had a massage therapist ask me about a happy ending ever.

The one time I thought something was going to happen was at a resort in northern New Mexico, where I got a 90 min massage. I told her she could remove my towel, and she did. I told her I really like to have my butt massaged, and she did exactly that. I told her she can have free reign on my body, and do whatever she wanted. She did spend a good amount of time on my ass, and pretty much massaged within 1 inch of my a******, rubbing her palms and entire arm up and down several times each cheek like that.

When she told me to flip to my front side, she asked if I wished to have my towel placed back on me, and I said no, not necessary… I was definitely super turned on, and was fully erect when I turned over. There is no way she couldn't tell how hard my c*** was, since it was right there. I told her I was sorry about that, and she said it's totally natural. She put me at ease. She kept going with her massage, and came within an inch of my p**** and b****, professionally, many times.

At one point, when I thought this was actually going to happen, she was spending a good amount of time in my loins region, and I told her she can move it if it's in the way, and she took that liberty twice. I can still remember how that felt,
Having her push my c*** aside with her palm while she dug in deep with her other hand, and that was that. My c*** was leaking pre-c** from the time I was on my belly, and every once in a while, I would have to squeeze it, and wipe it on the sheet next to me. Kind of embarrassing and gross… I was wondering if this was ever going to happen…

We finished the massage, and it was a fantastic massage, and I told her that. She could tell I was super turned on by her, and definitely gave me an interesting smile on the way out, almost saying, "I wish I could…"

When she left the room, I immediately went for the massage oil, and stroked my c*** for less than a minute, until I came into some tissues.

I went back there a couple of times in the future, but she had moved on. Anyway, pretty hot story.

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  • My sister used to massage me and it would totally get me hard. She would quite often give me a happy ending.

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