Wife's male friend

I write erotic stories for my wife, it turns her on most when the stories involve her making me submit to her in some way. I had always kept my darkest fantasies to myself, but I slipped up after a guy who fancies her and tried for months to chase her turned up at the door, unannounced at almost midnight , while I was out working. The first I knew was a text from her telling me she was out at a party with this guy. Because of his past record I naturally was furious and when she got back I really lost my temper. A few days later, in bed, I confessed why i was so angry. It was because I felt like she'd deliberately done it to see me get dominated by him sexually. She said I should write the story for her as it turned her on very much. A few weeks later he called around to the house again. She told me very harshly to show him some respect and get him a drink, I did as she said. When I brought it to him he said how much he enjoyed my writing . I was stunned and humiliated as he recalled the story. He told every detail , how I got on all fours and licked his boots, sucked his c*** and licked his b**** while she rode his c***. All three of us went upstairs and they both made me submit totally. His wife doesn't know and we have not spoken of it since

Sep 16, 2020

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