Need it ruff

Win i was in middle school i was a tom boy thar was 3 boys from the foot ball teem that would make fun of me one day after a game the cornered me and made fun of me for looking like a boy one of thim ripped my shirt off and sead that i don't have b**** one Uther one ripped off me pants while the other 2 Heald me down he started to f*** me i was crying after a few minutes that switch out the new guy started on my ass it hurt alot the all tock several truns on me by the 2th round i had gave up and was just crying all 3 of thim came in my p**** thin thay kicked me several times until i passed out i never told anyone one and this mint sounds strange but now i won't it more i called them name at every game since thin the keep doing it last time they got really rough they twist my arm back to make me ride him and it ended with a broken arm i have started flashing drunk at a nearby bar i have been head down in the back seat of several cars in a couple truck beds one guy ever took me home and tied me up in hes bed he was shock win woke up the next day to find me still tied up i just trund 17 and i cant get enough

Nov 27, 2019

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  • I wish I was there for your first time you broken c***. I would have wanked to your pain and then raped the f****** s*** out of you too.

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