Slutty Mom

I'm a 23-year-old guy. My mom is 55. When I was a child, my mom used to walk around the house naked. I still remember perfectly her b******, her hairy p****.
She divorced my dad when I was about 10. A couple of years later, I found out she was seeing another man (I think he was married). I would get her phone and read their texts. The guy used to tell everything he wanted to do to her when they met. I felt kinda bad, but I also enjoyed reading all of it, since I was discovering s** at that time and that turned me on. I found out they met multiple times and even had s** when I was home once.
I saw pictures on her phone, one of his d***, which she took in her room, and another of her p****.
It really turns me on to think about this.
More recently, about 2 years ago, I found out she was seeing another guy. Again, I got her phone and saw her conversation with him. They would talk about the time they met and had s** (in explicit details) and what they wanted to do the next time.
Even though I think I would love to have s** with my mom, I'm never gonna tell her anything and ruin our relationship, but I get super turned on think about her being f***** by these two guys.

Nov 30, 2019

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  • There is absolutely nothing wrong with you. In the last few years I have developed obsessive fantasies of my own mother from when I saw and smelled her when I was five. I eve have a CP post dedicated to her. I would love to share these memories. Her damp and musty p*** smelling bush!

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  • I have a housemate who thinks nothing of walking around the house with her full t*** hanging out for everyone to see. every time i see them i go to my room and w*** myself senseless. i beg for her and she lets me suck on them while i tell her im a pervert for her

  • Share those pics.

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