I Want To Kill My Step-Dad

I am from a small town in my mom was actually looking for a home to move away from my step step-dad so we founded a house in then she met a guy his name starts with an "F", see he made eye contact in he looked at me in I said what? he said did you give our food to the dogs, I straight up lied to his face in said "NO" he started looking at me then my mom told me to go check up on my sister and I overheard my mom and him talking in he said I don't trust her. then he asked my mom did she trust me? she said it depends because obviously, I'm the bad kid in every situation that has happened, so today me in my sister my mom was eating Captain D's and "F" came in said where is my food so he started to play choke her I guess in i tried to stay calm as possible in then he stays on my case, and I am a sensitive person, my mom has abused me since I was 8 she would hit me with her fist in know I'm traumatized about all of this stuff in i try to stay in a happy place that's my story sorry if it is short i am rushing

Nov 30, 2019

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  • Try again, this time in English. In the meantime, take a Midol and begin to realize the rest of the world has no time for teen-girl drama

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