I have started making love to my neighbor Teresa and she is a submissive woman that lives to show her p**** to other women when we are out. I have made her wear slur clothes and she had on a tiny skirt without panties and the nipple clamps I gave her a I was having drinks with her at the bar that was filled with younger women and I told her to keep her legs spread open and she asked me if the two women at the next table were ok.
I said that she should let them see her running her fingers on her p**** lips and then go sit with them and tell them that she is really wet and her boyfriend tells her to go bring some women to the table . Teresa went to the table and talked to the two women and the blonde was looking at me and I waved my hand to her to come to me. The blonde sat beside me and she said that I had a crazy girlfriend and she told me her name is kitty and I told her that Teresa was trained to be my slave and she wanted to be f***** by another woman with her strapon that she uses on her niece and sister. Kitty said she is a man f***** but her friend Nina is into anyone. I looked at Teresa and when she saw me looking at her she came to the table and I told her to tell Nina to come to her house with me, Teresa said yes master and she went back to table Kitty asked me if Teresa was really rucking her niece and sister and I told her yes. I told kitty come to my truck and we went to the truck and in two minutes Teresa and Nina got into the truck and I drove to Teresa house and I told Teresa to show them that she is my slave.
Teresa laughed and she got naked and she said that she was calling Annie and I had a present. We went in and Nina followed Teresa to the kitchen and I told kitty to come to the bedroom and I pulled a plate with a big pile of coke and I told her to short three lines and she said she loved coke and when she finished. I opened a drawer and I said look at this and she looked in and saw a huge black strapon and I said that Teresa f**** her niece with it and her sister too. Kitty said Teresa told her that she was my slave and she asked me if she was my slave, I said that I would show her that Teresa will do anything I want. We went to the kitchen and I told Teresa and Nina to short five lines and Teresa said that Nina was going to the bedroom and we should watch tv and I told her to call Annie and put it on speaker. Teresa kissed me and she called Annie and Teresa told her niece to come and meet her friends and Annie said she would be there in ten minutes and Teresa told Annie that she has to tell her what she wants. We heard Annie say that she needs to be f***** with her aunts strapon and she asked Teresa if she should bring a friend. Teresa told Annie that she had two friends that wanted to meet her and Teresa hung up and she told me to watch tv and she took Nina to her bedroom and I looked at Kitty and kissed her and I told her to let me show her how a real man licks p****,

Nov 7, 2020

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  • Sic, sic sic.

  • I have no clue what you just said. Go back to school and learn proper grammar and punctuation.

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