My drunk cousin

My older cousin lives 2 house down the street my parents pay her to babysit me she is 16 and im 14 hear she has started drinking win she comes over one night she was passed out drunk she was not wearing a bra i could see her nipples under her shirt and she was wearing a shirt skirt i put my hand under her shirt and started playing with her breast they was so soft thin i lifted her skirt to find no underwear but she had a sexy little landing strip shaved in . I started playing with her p**** she got wet fast i licked it she tested so good thin i got my d*** out i shoved in her p**** it was so tight on the third hump she moaned sat up looking at me thin smiled thin pase back out so i keep going she was so tight i felt the c** coming i was going to pole out but thin i was doing it i nutted in her i keep going i nuted a second time it felt great i got up flipped her skirt back down and went to my room and play video games later that night win she came to she said bye before she went home she never said anything about what i did a month later she tells us she is pregnant a cup of week after that she is baby setting me and she has had a few to drink and she tells me the my sun thin she correct her self to nephew will be born soon cupel day late she was back and drunk again she said to me next time to buy her dinner first then she changed the subject so that Friday my parents left for the weekend so i mad a big super for her she came over seen the food i had made she pushed me against a wall and kiss me before i know wats going on i could taste her gum after several minutes of swiping saliva i realized she had her hand on my d*** i wonted her so bad she smiled and said let's eat so we did after we did we start f****** on the table win i was about to c** i started to plue out she said to me that she is already got my baby in her now she wants my c** in her to so i gave it to her we f***** all weekend she spent the night in my bed my parents woke us up Monday morning my mom was mad to see us in the same bed but i think my dad knows is my baby he told her she could stay the night and time she needs thin told her to lock the door win she in bed as soon as they walked out of the room i was in her again she is about do now she has been staying most nights now my dad got us a bigger bed and a crib for my room and i think my mom has started to come to terms with it she has started calling her my girlfriend and she doesn't get mad anymore win we kiss we even have gone on a fuel dats and as she gets bigger she keeps getting tighter it takes me a few minutes to get my d*** in her now but its feel so good i can't get enough of her

Dec 5, 2019

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  • You’re such a stud, it’ll be a girl with no arms or legs to get in the way. You’ll have it knocked up on your first try.
    Your motto: Old enough to pee, Old enough to breed.

  • So nice and soon the baby will be ready to enjoy too, damn they suck so good

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