Inappropriate touching

When I was 23 I molested two willing ** 13yo twin girls. I was babysitting a friend's misuse junkie ** sister in laws girls. They started telling me things they had got up too. Smoked weed had alcohol got drunk, fooled around with boys, a lot. At this point it got a bit uncomfortable. One would tell me about giving blow jobs, WTF. I listened instantly as sindee jumps in and and say she's done it too, same guy. OMG u like it, dirty old man Sarah spouts. My Hart skips, shock, what! I pause ( I was baring up just after a few words) they do this a lot I thought. I didn't ask to hear this you two started telling me. You pair of little **!. There jaws dropped and they smiled cheekily no where not! They cheekily replied in unison. Yeah right what else you two done I smiled . ** they both said. I was rock hard now. They girls were gorgeous 5'2 jet black hair skinny as a rake almost no tots barely visible bulbs puffy ** that were getting hard that I could see through there light white cotton shirt that didn't cover there light white see through ** white just a hint of black hair shinning through around there almost bald **. This is where it gets good.I offered the a can of jacks since they already drink and we lossen up. Talk freely about ** and other stuff. There mums a ** there dad never there They do this and that. We playfully tease each other. The call me dirty old man and I call them ** little ** the pull up next to me on the couch. One sits between my legs her ads hard against my clock and the other straddles my thigh.OMG Bonner Sarah says. Do u blame me I say. Anyway they talk me into putting on **. I do roll a joint light up and give theme a few tools and smoke the rest. Talk about ** the prob and dry jumps Sarah's ads cliff. While sindee dry jumped my thigh . My hands roomed there bodies . Got them to reenact a lesbian ** seen and others on me so wild. Next morning I came p
Out and there mum was naked on the couch lol. Nice story ha

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My drunk cousin

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  • Love em notits and a bald pusseeey

  • So this seems like the same illiterate ** as half the other posts. A child molester with a second grade education. Go away dude.

  • Fake

  • I am a guy 22,and my gf is 21.Last may her 14 year old sister made her First Holy Communion and was dressed like a little girl in a sleeveless,puffy,top of the knees communion dress and veil with lace socks and white shoes.Her party was going on out in their back yard and i went in their house to use the bathroom.When i came out,the sister was in the living room and i went over to her a gave her a hug and put my hand under the back of her dress to pinch her ** and she had a cloth diaper and plastic pants on under her dress,so i didnt get to pinch her **.

  • I love the fact you said she was wearing a diaper

  • I would have ** her

  • Sick worthless **.

  • No idea what happened here , this story is confusing, think I will go and kill my self in the woods someplace and hopefully be with my mom again in the afterlife .

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