Mom son keep getting pregnant

I'm now 45. My son is 30. My father and I were involved in an incestuous affair from my 12 birthday until I got pregnant at 14. My mother knew and encouraged it, as they were brother and sister. Mom died of cancer and Dad ended up in jail, I had my son and it has been very rough our lives. I had not had s** since my father. So many years without anyone.

I worked hard and my son is a super smart successful man now. I loved him so much. On his 15 birthday we had no money after paying the rent. Not even for a cake. We shared a bed in a studio apartment and had seen each other naked every day. We both fought our desire. I wanted the incestuous love that created me and him to end. But in the end it was too much. So I gave him the only gift I had, my body. He said it was the best gift he could ever hope for. We became lovers.

We have s** and I tried to convince him not to c** in me. But he did every time. I tried refusing s**, but I could feel fire in him, and I would surrender to my l*** for him. 3 months after we started I was pregnant at 31 from him. We had a girl.

I love him more than ever and have 4 children. He has impregnated me about every 3 years. Yesterday was my 45 birthday, and I discovered I'm pregnant again. Part of me wants an abortion. But the strongest part wants another child with my son.

I know the cycle of incest has to end, but i can't give it up.


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  • If it is mtually agreed between two people to have s** whether incest or not others should not have problem in this.
    After all its their bodies, their pleasure and their life.

  • I've always been a woman in control of everything and do what I want. I never cared if my son saw me nude. I could control him

    Then a week after he turned 15 my son was high on weed, it was 4 months ago. He came in the bathroom as I was getting out of the shower. I don't know why he acted this way. He grabbed me by the hair and slapped me a dozen times in the face. Then dragged me to my bed and force f***** me for a half hour. His c*** is huge and I was not wet at first I was in agony.

    I begged him to stop but he said F*** you b****, I'm tied of you being a c*** tease. Finally he came in me and left. The worst part is I came several times and he knew it. I had never c** that hard before, he mastered my body and made me feel terror and extacesy.

    I layed there crying for hours. I hated me for what he did. But 4 hours later, I went to his bed and gave him my body again.

    This has gone on every night since then. When I have my period, I give him my ass and mouth to f***. He is very very rough during s** and leaves marks on my body.

    WTF is wrong with me. I want to be constantly force f***** by my son. I want him to knock me up.

  • Some people like the idea of rape and being dominated and the fact it is your son makes it even hotter. But at some point you two need to have a conversation about what is happening. Try a make sure he doesn't do this with anyone else. Also, try turning the tables on him and force yourself onto him.

  • My son Max forced me like what happened to this woman. We never discussed it. But he says love you over and over after it happens everytime. I knew it would ruin everything if we really talked. I just could not give up the sexual ecstasy I had from him forcing and hurting me two or three times a day. I had never c** with anyone before my son. Ever.

    Max is the only man in my life who ever sensed I needed to be taken and violated to o*****. I need pain and roughness to c**. I need to be forced without tenderness I need to be treated like a s** toy. Only he can give that to me. We love each other, I love him so much for unlocking the sexual freedom and pleasure I've longed for all my life. He loves me as I give him the freedom to take me with no restraint.

  • The first time your son didn't force f*** you. Your son RAPED you.

    Are you living out your desire of him raping you.

    If you had not wanted it from the beginning you would not have ever shown him your body naked. You got what you deserved and wanted.

  • I was raped b4 not good
    my s k y pp e i annie price 123

  • It's not rape
    It's love between a mother and her son

  • So true!

  • There absolutely nothing wrong with incest so there is no reason to stop making love to your son. But you should consider using birth control and take away that concern.

  • No birth control !
    Natural love between mother and her son

  • I know I should, but the I c** so hard knowing he can impregnate me. Part of me screams it's so wrong and terrible. But the stronger part of me screams let him flood your womb with c**, and knock you up again.

  • That's just your natural instinct as a loving mother
    Keep taking his seed he is showing you how he loves you

  • Why is it so wrong and terrible?? I think it's totally natural.

  • What is the gender of your kids you have with your son

  • Three girls and a boy

  • 3 more daughters to keep family going

  • I introduced our oldest daughter to lesbian s** this late last year. I started touching her alot then kissing she was confused at first but then really liked it. I went do on her alot then we started 69. Her father now joins us for oral too.

  • Consensual family s** is ok and hopefully your daughter is of legal age?

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