What’s wrong with me ?

A couple of years ago I invited a co worker to a baseball game I never liked her but she didn’t know that . I knew she had a boyfriend but he lived in another state I got tired of hearing about him she would moan and groan about how much she missed him . She didn’t know I also had the other seat on my side ticket which I invited this guy I had been f******. My goal was to set them two up or better yet a threesome out of it . He had to bail something about his wife at the last minute. So it didn’t happen she never knew my plans but he did , and he could of had us both the weird thing about this is she moved on to a new job her boyfriend moved to the same state and started working for the same company as us I’ve met him and we work together he is a nice and wonderful guy but every time I look at him I shake my head and feel bad , but then I laugh and wonder if I could of pulled that scheme off.

Dec 12, 2019

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  • Punky and I thank you for the comment regarding your co-worker who you never really liked and we are proud of you for going above the fray and respectfully, leaving it alone and not "going there". You did well my good man by not falling into the abyss of lies, abuse and deceit. Punky and I thank you You did the right thing. Pam&Punky

  • Pam and Punky you are annoying as f**k. STFU

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