My GF and I decided to reply to an ad we came across for an erotic modeling job, Well that decision changed everything, We had discussed almost everything before hand and she decided to go to the appointment. My Gf is HOTT, Tall, Slim, Brunette, Top heavy and just all around gorgeous so modeling seemed like a good idea, The ad said underwear, Lingerie and possibly nud3 and 3rotic modelling but it turned out to be more.
My GF was comfortable going alone since the place was in a business building downtown and seemed on the up and up, When she got home she walked in, Said she was going for a shower and after she sat down and was just quiet, At first I thought maybe she didn't get a job or they told her that she wasn't what they were looking for or something so I just let her have her space but that night she said she needed to tell me something. We sat facing each other and she looked at me, Started to get all teary eyed and said "I...Fu@ked someone today", I was like "Uuhhh say again", She said "At the shoot, The modelling thing, It was way more than we thought".
I had to take a minute and she just sat quietly staring at me until I said "So...WTF", She explained that it all started out fine, Signing release forms and talking, The (Photographer) explained how it worked and right away, No it was not a scam, She has gotten work outof it but...She signed everything and he told her to strip down, She did to her underwear and he took some pictures, It was basically a scene from excogi or whatever and he had her take off her bra, He played with her b**** which she said she was fine with because she just figured it was him taking advantage of his position but she was ok with that, He had her do a couple different bikinis and then nud3 which is fine, We were aware of that aspect of it before she went in but she said he wanted her to play with herself and so on and she said she started out saying no but did in the end and while she was he brought in another guy.
I was like "WHOAAAA!!!! Wait, What guy, Another photographer?", She said "No, A male...Co star as he put it", I told her to tell me what happened and she did, The photographer told her they were going to do the "3rotic" portion which was to involve photos of them in compromising positions, She explained that it all started out "Innocent" enough with just their bodies touching and doing simulated stuff like posing with their lips just about to touch like they were going to kiss and it progressed to them touching, Him holding her b**** and taking pictures, then she did a photo set on her knees and had to hold his c*** like she was about to suck it. I wasn't happy she had touched it but that would move way down the list, He got her on her knees and had the guy behind her like he was going to lick her then he said "This is just to make it look like you are wet" and put a couple drops of lube on her vag, The male model rubbed it around and I was like "Whoa, He did what?", She carried on and the guy had his hands on her goods, She said it just kept progressing and getting more and more involved, He had her get on her back and the guy put his d!ck between her t!ts like he was fu@king them and then she said he reached back and was rubbing her.
The photographer knows what he is doing, As she told me everything he had just slowly convinced her to do more and more, She said the guy put his b**** over her mouth and the photographer told her to suck them, Well, this model had been rubbing her cl!t and she admitted she was all worked up and she went for it, that led to him putting his d!ck in her mouth then they had her do a bunch of different positions with his d!ck in her vag and when the photographer stopped to change his battery he told her to keep him hard because he didn't have time to fu@k around so the guy just started stroking it in and out and it eventually just turned into doing a fu@k scene on camera and the guy c@me on her t!ts.
I was about ready to go there and beat the s*** out of everyone but she talked me out of it, i was mad for days until she got a call to do a bikini shoot for someone else, then another and another, I went for both and they were cool, Just her in bikinis but then nothing, She had an offer to do some nud3 stuff and did but it was just nud3 and then she got another offer, The money was big, It was one scene where she was supposed to be at a bachelorette party and do stuff but no s3x just touching and stuff. I went but wasn't allowed in the room, It was a large production and we did watch it when it came out, She did do some jerking on a humongous black d!ck, He got her b**** out and played with them then he moved on.
Her scene at the casting has never and she was told it will never be public so...I don't know what to think of that but a week after the bachelorette thing the same company called and wanted her to do a different scene with a couple, She agreed as it was just her catching them and then she was supposed to watch and do a solo thing, Of course once she was there it turned into more and she caught them, Did her solo thing and the male "actor" c@me premature so they changed direction and had the girl move in on my GF. I know awesome right, Well, I don't really know, She had never been with a girl and they wanted her to do a bunch of stuff some of which she did and some of which she was able to direct away from and do other stuff.
I have to say it is a hot scene with her in a chair, One leg over each arm getting licked and fing3red and having a pretty hot blonde girl use a d!ldo on her but it just seems to keep getting more and more...Involved, She did a scene full on with a guy, I was there and she told me after it was nerve wracking but it was a pretty normal scene just her and the "Dishwasher repair guy", Nothing too crazy just getting laid on the kitchen floor and counter and then she swallowed, She did a second scene with a couple and did a bit more with the girl who was the "Mom" and my GF was the babysitter but the guy just watched and banged the mom. Then she was contracted for a "Sleepover" with her long time BFF, Blah, Blah, Blah, Full on, Full oral both ways and the producer loved the way she was actually nervous and had to work her way up to it which backfired on her because shhe ended up being contracted for 3 more scenes, A girl similar age, Her "stepmom" and a "Co-worker" who were both somewhere in their late 30's to early 40's I would say so she is now full on experienced with girls.
We have told people about our decision to continue with this line of...Work and she had a couple friends kind of just gradually stop talking to her but for the most part I don't think anyone thinks too much about it except her one friend who has started asking questions and of course my loser friends who have all watched her videos and make comments here and there but she has refused to do a few things and I don't know why but she won't do two guys, She had an offer for a scene with her "College boyfriend" and his room mate, She had an offer with her "Step dad" and his buddy ad turned it down and had an offer for a fourway which would have involved swapping and probably getting tagged and she turned that down.
She won't do any rough stuff, Bondage or torture or pain based stuff which I am good with, Nothing but a finger or beads go in her bu++, and NOTHING involving pee or p00p which would be a line I would have to have drawn anyway. Yes we have incorporated the girl/girl thing into our relationship which is good for me and is also the reason two of her friends stopped talking to her, One did join us and for some reason she was embarrassed after and the other girl went with her when she stopped talking to us...Whatever. I don't know what is next for us but with her only being 22 we have a long road ahead I would say.

Dec 12, 2019

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