That makes work awkward

The company I work for held a large private function for a christmas party, They rented a large conference room at a hotel an hour from home since it is half way between our two offices, I got a room at the hotel and during the party I got a phone call from my Gf who had to work that night so she couldn't come "She's a nurse", I left the party and went up to my room for a bit while we talked, She said she was going to bed and I told her I was going back down to the party, i waited for the elevator and it was taking forever which I found out later was due to a douchebag from work puking in it but I should send him a christmas card because....I decided to take the stairs down the two flights and as I made it to the landing I ran smack dab into a woman I work with, Would have probably normally just been a passing "Hi" but...She was leaning forward holding onto the railing, She had her skirt around her waist and her husband was behind her with his pants unzipped and had his d*** out through his zipper, She had her thong pulled to the side and they were drunkenly sneaking one off in the stairwell.
She gasped and turned her head away putting her hand up to block her face, Her husband laughed and kept going and she moaned with each stroke as he slid in, I was going to leave and of course I took a peek as I passed but all I could see was her bum jiggling but as I went past and started down the stairs he said "Where ya going?", She reached back and slapped his waist. I know her, Not like we share a desk or anything but I talk to her at work in person probably 1-2 times a month and on the phone 3-4 times a month, She is definitely an attractive older woman, I would say late 40's, Blonde shoulder length hair, Pretty eyes and from what I had seen she had a decent body and didn't mind showing a bit of cleaveage at work.
I come back and stand beside him, Look down and see her bum jiggling as he goes a bit faster, and she is just moaning, He says "Where's your room?", She stands up and shakes her head no, He takes her hand and puts it right on my crotch and nods his head yes. She is all nervous and he says "Show me", I sprint up the stairs, Hold the door open, They go through, I open the door to my room and she looks around then they go into my room.
He is standing behind her and she is breathing heavy, Her face is flushed and beet red, She is looking up at the ceiling and he unzips her dress, She put her hands on her chest holding her dress and he pulled her hands away and slid her dress off letting it fall. I have never really thought too much about older women but holy crap, She had a pretty decent body. She had on blue lacy bra and thong and her bra was squishing everything up and her cleavage was all wrinkly, I step closer to her and he unclips her bra, again she holds her chest and he moved her hands letting her bra slip off, she had kinda big, wrinkly, Bumpy nips, Big, round and pretty long. He motioned for me to touch her so I cup her b**** and start rolling her big nips between my fingers, I lean in and start kissing her and he steps away sitting on the couch right beside us.
Me and her make out and she starts getting into it and undoes my pants, She pulls my pants and underwear down and looks up at me, She looked all nervous and shy and hot and sexy, she licked her lips and opened her mouth, She stars sucking me and I look back at her husband, He takes off his pants and starts jerking as he watches her, I sat on the couch kind of beside him and she sucked me and stroked him, He motioned for me to pound her so I stood up and went behind her, She started sucking him and I looked down at her, She has a pretty nice bum, Kind of bigger and jiggly but nice shape to it, I pull her thong down and kind of half expect to find a big hairy roast beef sandwhich looking pu$$y but was pleasantly surprised, Bald up to the top of her cl!t with a tuft of blonde curly pubes on top, Pink innie pu$$y, No big meat flaps or anything and just all around nice looking, I wet my fingers and rubbed her, She put her head on her husband thigh while I worked my c*** into her, She was pretty tight and as I slid in she moaned, We did that for a bit and then moved to my bed, We probably went at it for an hour or maybe a bit less, her husband watched mostly but did join in here and there, He had her sucking him while i was doing her missionary watching her big b**** bounce and he blew his load, She swallowed like a pro and then he sat back and watched.
She started saying "Tell me before you come, I want you to tell me, I want to hear it", I told her and she started flexing her pu$$y and I came hard inside her, she said "Don't stop, Don't stop, Keep going", I started to go like half soft and then was able to get it back up and she wanted it hard. She had her legs up and was begging for harder, Harder and I started just pounding her, She had her legs on my shoulders and started loudly moaning, She put her legs down and moaned over and over as I pounded her about how hard she was coming, I asked her if she wanted more come, She nodded yes and I asked where, She said "Oh god baby, For you, You can come anywhere you want", I pulled out and shoved it between her big t!ts and came, She went to lean forward and I shot right in her face, She sputtered and gasped then quickly wrapped her lips over my k*** and....OMG, I think I felt my b**** shrivel up as she sucked, She vacuumed every drop of come out and I couldn't stop coming, She gulped and gulped and had her eyes scrunched shut so the load that hit her face didn't get in her eyes.
Her husband was standing right beside us watching her and when I finally had to push her head down on the bed because I couldn't take anymore her husband wiped his hand from her forehead right down her face, She sputtered and slapped his hand away and said "get me a f****** towel", He did and she wiped her face then looked at him and threw the towel at him saying "Fu@king a$$hole" and he just laughed. She went to the bathroom and washed her face, She came back and I was still on the bed and hadn't moved, she laid on her side beside me and massaged my c*** and b**** and I sucked her big nips, Her husband got her on her knees and pounded her from behind while she tried to get me up again but that was a no starter and when he was done he flipped her on her back and came in her mouth again.
after we all caught our breath and what not they got dressed and her husband check the hallway before they bolted for their room. I laid there awake for a long time thinking about what just happened and the next morning went down for breakfast, They were nowhere to be seen and I haven't seen her since, Back to work on monday...I can't wait.

Dec 12, 2019

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  • I've just eaten 2 yogurts, and am watching the nightmare before Christmas.
    Then I'm going to have a shower and get ready for the Christmas special celebrity juice! Looking forward to it I can tell ya!
    Was gonna j******* this eve, but I'm going home tomorrow and need some j*** for the wife.
    I work away.

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