Too close for comfort

I walked in on my sister in law the other day and later that evening we had a hilarious conversation about it. My wife and I were staying at their house over night and going to a family function the next day, We got up and everyone was shuffling around showering and getting ready, My brother in law and I were in the kitchen and my wife (35) came upstairs, she asked where her sister (41) was and her husband thought for a second and said "Uh, I think she went downstairs to get kids ready", He was really hung over from the night before and just sitting at the breakfast bar, My wife said "Oh, Ok, where is her hair straightener" He thought for a second and said "Third or bottom drawer in our bathroom", My wife said to me "Can you grab it for me and bring it down" and went to pour a coffee, I went to their attached bathroom and the bedroom door was open but I didn't even think about the bathroom door being closed, I slid it open and she was standing facing the door and had just tossed her towel on the counter, She froze and stared at me and I froze and stared at her.
There was a probably 2-3 second freeze and she waved her arms for me to leave, she is a very average built woman, Mother of 3, short, slim and average, Bit of a chubby bum but not bad, Like not at all and actually looks great in jeans and still wears bikinis so she can't be too bad right. Anyway I stopped and stared at her, She has not at all large b**** and never did except for when she was pregnant they got pretty big which is probably why they look the way they do now, My wife and I decided long ago not to have kids so she still has a rockstar body but her sister...Well...Overall I would say great for having three kids but...yeah.
Anyway I had a full look at her and she has always had nice legs, still does, The surprising part was at the top of them, I was quite surprised to see that she shaves bald, Completely bald, Not a stich of hair anywhere down there so of course I could see her whole p**** from the front, Looks good, She has the V from her abs down and it all lines up, Nice p****, Looks kind of long if you will with biggish outer l****, Smooth and pale skinned but I didn't see any inner l****, None which is great because that's a pet peeve of mine, Grosses me out if you have a big, Roast beef sandwich looking p**** but hers looked great, Small waist and then her b******, well lets say...Not great, small, I won't even guess size because I have no idea but definitely on the small side, Saggy, Empty and stretched out, Not big purple stretch marks but the skin hangs, From what I have been told she doesn't have a stretch mark, Like the purple ones anywhere and I have seen her in bikinis and never seen one, Her areolae are oblong which apparently is from kids, Her nipples are weird and for lack of a better word droopy, Like the nipple hangs down and the skin of the areola is bunched up and wrinkled below it.
So anyway I go back with no hair straightener and eveyone finds out I walked in on her, My wife gets the hair straightener and we go to "Our room" to get ready, She is laughing at me and says "She'll get over it, it's fine", I laughed and she said "you're not traumatized are you?", I chuckled and said "No, Glad we didn't have any kids though" My wife punched my arm and then she said "Bad?", I said "You have never seen her naked?", she said not since she had kids. I told her what I saw and she shrugged and said "Well, that's part of it, really though, Bald?", I nodded and she shrugged.
Later on we were at the family function and my wife had stumbled off to bed, My brother in law was passed out at the table and I went outside to smoke, My wife's sister came out and sat beside me, I handed her a smoke and she lit it, She was visibly trashed and looked at me saying "So?", I said "So?" and she shrugged, I said "So, Uh, I am sorry for this morning, Totally by accident", She said "Pfft, Uh yeah, I know, Noooo body would intentionally try to look at all this" waving her hands in front of her body, I laughed and said "You are way too h****** yourself about your body, You look great, You have a hot mom bod", she looked down at her chest and said "you know, I wake up with my b**** in my arm pits", I laughed and she said "Well if they were big enough I would anyway", I said "Oh stop" and she said "I've seen what you sleep with, You are probably gonna have nightmares now after seeing me naked", She adjusted her b**** and I laughed, She said "this f****** this doesn't work AT ALL" and I said "What thing?", She was wearing a strapless dress and said "YOUR wife talked me into this dress and this stupid f****** stick on bra", I laughed and said a stick on bra" and she nodded her head, Reached into her dress and scrunched up her face as she pulle dout her bra, I started laughing and said "What are you doing", She handed it to me and said "Here, Give it back to her, Doesn't f****** work anyway", i set it between us and was about to go back inside when she said "You know...I had nice b****...I did", I said "Ok" she said When we got married I had no problem whipping them out, I used to flash all the time, These f****** were greta, C-cups, firm, could pass a pencil test, My nipples were perfectly round like a...Toonie and **** always said they were my best asset...Now" and she hooked her thumbs in the sides of her dress and slid it down, I was like "Whoa, Hey, what are you doing", She lifted her b**** and bounced them on her hands and said "Now they are like an ankle sock hanging on a clothes line", I was looking at the ground laughing and she said "Look it, Look", I looked over and then looked around to see if anyone else was around, thank goodness it was dark out so no one would be able to see us unless they were up close, I said "Oh goodness, they are not that bad" and then she said "Here feel", I was like oh s*** and if I had been sober I wouldn't have but I cupped her b*** and yeah, They are pretty flat, soft, and empty but I rolled her nipple in my fingers and she took a breath in, she slid her hand onto my b**** and said "**** hasn't f***** me in three months".
I thought about it, I really did think about it and if my wife hadn't been 50 feet away inside the building I probably would have nailed her right there but I was like "Oh s***, Uh, I think we should" and stood up reaching for her hands to stand her up, she looked up at me looking all sad and pouty and said "Yeah, I know right?", I said "Hey now", she said "I get it" and pulled her dress up, I was standing right in front of her and she reached out stroking my bulge through my pants and I let her, She said "You know...I haven't even seen a d*** in months" and unzipped my pants, She reached in and worked around getting it out, I was having a heart attack and constantly looking around as she got it out and softly stroked it, She said "Hmmm, You have a pretty big d***", I said "thanks" and she shuffled forward, i pulled her dress down and started pinching her nipples, She said "you can pinch harder", Pinched and pulled them and she leaned forward, opened her mouth and slid her mouth over my c***, slid back and stroked it and said "Oh f*** yeah".
I panicked I quickly pulled her dress up and put my c*** away, I said "I am sorry, I can't, sorry" and bolted inside, thank god I did because just as i was reaching for the door it opened and my wife's cousin stepped out, She asked where my wife's sister was and I pointed to her so thank goodness I had pulled her top up, My wife's cousin had drove her home and I didn't see her again until morning, I went upstairs and she was sitting at the breakfast bar, She looked at me and said "where's my sister", I said "still passed out" and she started whispering, She had tears welling up and said "I am so f****** sorry, I hate myself right now, I am so sorry, I swear I would never, Never cheat on my husband, I swear, I went to her side of the breakfast bar and hugged her and said "Hey, It's ok, don't...I mean...It was..." and she said "A mistake, A huge f****** mistake" and I nodded and said "I am sorry, I should have stopped sooner", She shook her head no and said "No, You did the right thing and I have to thank you for not taking advantage of the situation, I know it's no excuse and there is NO excuse for what I did but we haven't been doing great latley and I had way too much to drink last night, I just want to make sure WE are ok", I told her "Yes, of course, But...Uh, I was wondering if we could just maybe...Uh, Keep this between us?", She said "Oh good god yes, please no, Don't ever say a word, Let's just forget it happened and whatever".
We made a pact to take it to the grave and hopefully she sticks to it, I know I will.

Dec 14, 2019

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  • I am a girl and even I will say big inner l**** are gross, Look gross, No one likes them. As for your sister in law...Be gentle, A woman is delicate and even more so if she is not confident about her body, If her marriage is not going well then it just compounds things. Mistakes are made...Trust me...I know.
    Don't be "That guy", It may seem like a good idea to be the guy she can turn to and talk to but that can quickly go sideways and end up with the guy she is supposed to be able to turn to bending her over the hood of a car at your cousins wedding and knocking her up...Anyway...Could happen, Keep your distance for a bit but make sure you (And your wife) are there for her, Like together at all times, Maybe don't be alone with her for a bit.

  • I'm with the first commenter I'm afraid.
    lab. ia are not gross at all. They're natural and beautiful. Think of your most idolised female celebrity who you think is the most gorgeous woman ever, who's to say that she hasn't got large lips? Would that put you off being with her?
    Narrow minded imo.
    And I'm a woman too.

  • I. LOVE. HUGE. P****. LIPS. So much easier to suck on.

  • Mate you're a dickwad.
    Lab.ia are amazing, come in all shapes and sizes, all of them unique and ALL of them are so so hot!!
    Calling them roast beef is pretty disrespectul tbh, ball bags aren't exactly pretty are they?!
    I personally favour larger lab.ia, you need to get on reddit and search the group l**** gone wild.
    So many beautiful women, with beautiful butterflys.
    Stop being a narrow minded A hole, and grow up.
    Some women are self conscious of their lab.ia,and its because of people like you.
    I say to all women who think they have ugly/large lab.ia, don't worry about a thing, they're beautiful and so are you. Do not ever feel bad about them.

  • Big lab.ia are amazing. I love them. I love feeling them in mouth as I suck that p****. Maybe I'm weird, but probably not. I also love when she c*** on my face and in my mouth. Oh my god, I'm getting hard just thinking about big p**** lips.

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