A family friend pays me to let her tickle me

(English isn't my first language)
I really don't know how I am in this situation, but I just have to let it out.
I'm a 28 yo girl, this friend of my mother knows me since I was 16 and she was a beloved person to me too (she is 45 now). When I was 22 I desperately needed money and she (a wealthy woman) offered me this... agreement. Initially it was something that we did only once every 3 - 4 months, but in the last 3 years the situation has degenerated. Now I go to her house every single day. This is so embarrassing to me but I have to tell it to someone. She developed this huge obsession with my belly and bellybutton, I'm not allowed to cover them in her presence, so I have always to wear something that leaves them bared. She first take a photo session (she has a folder with like 2000+ pictures of my bellybutton) she then proceed to tie me up, on chairs or armchairs, cause she loves my belly a lot more when I'm on a sitting position, and she tickles me a lot. She tickles me with her hands, with feathers, with the stick that has a little hand at the end, brushes. This everyday, and she is planning to take me on "tickle vacations" as she calls them, only me and her for a very long week of tickling and belly loving, somewhere. She does many other things that I didn't write. Advise me on what to do or ask me anything.

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  • Is your belly **?

  • Yes it is, I do a good amount of workouts

  • Do you like it

  • I really don't know how to feel about all of this, I suppose that I like it in some way.

  • Only when my foo foo is tickled

  • What is foo foo

  • My lady parts silly!

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