I thought that would have been the end

Almost 10 years ago now I was pretty sure my wife was going to leave me, She had gone to visit a friend and I went to the bar, I met up with her mom there and well...
Lets start here, My wife's mom was an attractive blonde woman back then, well still is just older now, At the time my wife and I had been married for 2 years, Her mom was a nicely put together woman, married twice, Once to my wife's dad and once to her sisters dad, Both of which ended from what I heard because she cheated but that's neither here nor there. Every since breaking bad came out I thought she looked and was built like walters wife in the show, Not like super hot or anything just nicely put together, so now you know what I was dealing with, On with my situation.
My wife's mom had been unmarried for about 5 years, Had a boyfriend off and on and had been attending the local country bar quite a bit, She was always a partier and had a bit of a reputation from some of the rumors I had heard but nothing crazy, Apparently one of my friends dads had nailed her one time a few years before that, I can't say for sure but that's what I had heard, So My wife is out of town, I go out and end up at the country bar, I figured I would probably run into her mom at some point so was trying to be on my best behaviour but was pretty drunk. Her mom comes along, Mad at her boyfriend and sees me there, Tells him to F off and asks me for a ride home, I tell her I am drunk and she storms off.
A few minutes later I go outside for a smoke and she is standing there tapping her foot waiting for a cab, I ask if she is ok, She fills me in on how she found out that her boyfriend had kissed a friend of hers yada, yada, yada, by this time I was pretty much ready to go home so when the cab showed up and she asked if I wanted to share I said "Sure", We pour ourselvesd into the cab and head off, It wasn't very far to her place but she was pretty wasted and passed out We got to her place and since we only live 5 doors down from her (It's a small town) I get out there and help her to the house, apparently the shots she had slammed before leaving were kicking in because she was stumbling and slurring her words, I helped her find her keys and got the door unlocked.
I helped her to her room and thought about leaving but she undid her skirt and dropped it before I even left the room, I was pleasantly surprised to see she wore thongs at 47 (she is 22 years older than my wife) and she actually had a nice ass, She peeled off her shirt and bra, Tossed them on the floor and crawled up on the bed, Flopped down and passed out like I wasn't even there. I stood there and looked at her for a few minutes and then said her name, I shook her foot, I waved my hand in front of her face and she was out.
I could see one side of one of her b****, Not real big, Wrinkly, saggy, and empty but whatever, I poked the side of it, I looked back at her ass and then I unzipped my pants, I was standing there stroking it right in front of her face and slid my hand under her b***, Found her nipple and pulled it out to the side, again, not real nice, Wrinkly and bumpy and stretchy, I was rolling it and stroking and looked down, I had a big drop of pre come on my k*** and leaned forward wiping it on her lips, She just took a breath and wiped her lips on her pillow, Scratched the side of her face and went back to sleep, I spent a couple minutes running my hands across her bum and squeezing her cheeks and she really didn't respond but her breathing changed slightly.
I rubbed my k*** on her mouth and was able to put my thumb on her chin, Open it slightly and she opened it more as I slid my d*** right in her mouth, I stood there looking down at the side of her face as she just laid there with my d*** in her mouth, after a few seconds she turned her face and it slipped out. I went down and started working her thong off and got it to her knees, she clamped her knees together for a second then relaxed and I slid it off her feet, I stood back by her face again and slid my hand between her thighs with her laying kind of face down, I felt her warm, Wet p**** and started rubbing it and slid a finger in while I stroked in front of her face, she was warm and wet and kind of hairy but soft hair, She was breathing a bit heavier so I swung one leg over her then the other and laid beside her, Put my hand on her hip and rolled her onto her side, Slid my hand under her neck and onto her chest, I grabbed one of her b**** which was when I realized how small and saggy they actually were and started rolling her nipple again which she really seemed to enjoy.
I slid forward and worked my k*** up against her war, Wet hole and as I slid it in she gasped a little and moaned "Mmm, Gerry", I froze, I wasn't expecting her to talk but Gerry?, Not me, Not her boyfriend, Hmmm. Anyway that was all she said and I slowly started sliding it in and out and she just timed her breathing with every stroke, She kept trying to lay face down so I let her, she spread her legs and I put my knees inside hers forcing them open a bit more, I was slowy sliding in and out, Used one hand to balance myself and put the other on the top of her bum crack, I slid my thumb between her cheeks and rubbed her bum hole, She just made a short "MM" and pushed her bum back so I slid my thumb in and bried it deep in her ass holding it there, She was just moaning a quick "M" everytime I pushed forward then she she took three deep breaths moaned each time as she breathed out and then let out a long "Mmmmmmm" as I felt her p**** flex and felt her get wetter. She laid there face down and I finished inside her then rolled off of her.
I was catching my breath and going to go home but then she rolled onto her back and I looked over at her, On her back her chest pretty much completely absorbed her b**** and left her with two wrinkly flaps of skin with kind of biggish nipples on top, they were hard and I laid ther looking at them, I reached over and grabbed one, Pulled it straight up and watched as her skin wrinkled and stretched, I kept doing it and started doing it harder and harder and couldn't believe how hard I was pulling them without her responding, I laid there and flicked them with my finger quite hard watching the nipples wiggle and then straddled her waist, Jerked a load on her chest, rubbed it all over her wrinkly skin flaps and nipples and then laid back and stretched, I knew I was dozing off but that was the last thing I remembered until I woke up and my wife was standing at the foot of the bed staring at me, Arms crossed and hatred in her eyes, I swear she had smoke coming out her ears and I looked over, Her mom was still on her back, Naked and sleeping in the wet spot.
I got up as she stormed out of the house and I quickly got dressed, When I got home she was sitting on the back deck chewing on her thumb nail, I said something and she just said "Mm..Mm", I stood there as she started out at the yard, she looked at me, Looked away and said "Uh, So what the ever living f***", I appologized and she said "Nope staop right there, If I hear an appology come out of your mouth I am going to go into the kitchen and get a knife" and I'll stop there, She said "Now...What...the f***", I started out telling the truth and then when I got to the part about her dropping her skirt I said she reached back and put my hands on her hips.
I told her I was pretty sure she didn't realize who it was and so on since she had said someone elses name, She sat there steaming while I contemplated where I was going to sleep when I got kicked out but then she stood up and said "I'm f****** pregnant you c*** sucker" and walked away. Not the way she wanted to tell me but wa did end up having a long talk, A looooong one. Her mom came over later and when she came in my wife was still p*****, she calmly said "What's wrong?", My wife looked at me and I waited for my world to blow up but she said "Oh as usual my husband is an idiot" and walked away, Her mom looked at me and tilted her head then followed my wife, I was like What...Did that just happen...What's going on.
So 10 years later and 3 kids later we are still together, That afternoon my wife said "Ok, This never happened, We will never discuss it and if I EVER...", I just nodded and it has never come up.

Dec 16, 2019

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  • You are a man and you have basic instincts that can influence you. We all understand the moment you were in. Just keep moving forward and realize this was the past.

  • You raped her.
    And your wife is OK with that?

  • My wife has fallen asleep before this with me and her mom a few times when forgot to lock the door and a man was on her she said it was ok because he was nice. her fault for not locked the door and he was salesman for a big company and came into make sure she wasnt hurt or simthing and couldn’t resist because she was neckked and didn’t ressist when he wanted her.
    It’s usually salesmen that do the most checking in her but boy from grocery store had come some times to bring something she forgot and he found her nekked too and help himself to her but and everything else to.
    It s not rap she said cause she dent fight are yell for help just yell cause it feel good and she cant help that it did.

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