As it turns out....

I hate most people now. I cannot wait for the end of the f****** world. Most people are barely conscious shitheels shambling through life blamelessly and thoughtlessly. They listen to s*** music, they talk about stupid s***, they only value money, they all think the world revolves around them, they think they will never die, they lie lie lie, cheat, steal, and secretly harbor desires to murder their neighbors. They pay lip service to their dear and fluffy lord, but their god does not ever come into the equation when they are ready to f*** somebody over just for the f*** of it. They talk about people behind their back, they are all cowards, they are all victims. They have beaten my compassion black and blue. They persecute others for being different. They love to say this is stupid or that is stupid or so and so is stupid. They love to say, "Oh he Booksmart but he stupid" They all f*** around on each other. They abuse ffriends. They gas light. They steal from people, not just Walmart or target but from people! They are NOSEY! They love to read other people's s***! They love getting the last word, they pretend to care about stuff they really dont' care about, THEY VOTE FOR TRUMP even though they have daughters, mothers, wives ands sisters THEY STILL VOTE FOR TRUMP, they think Bernie Sanders wont die two days after taking the oath of office, they don't deserve freedom because they don't even know that every day they have less and less freedom. Why not take freedom from people who wont even miss it?! They dcon't give a s*** about people, but they endlessly warble on and on about how people are cruel to animals even though they are just as cruel. They'd trade their newborn baby for a six hundred dollar mini-Pug (True story) They spit out kid after kid after kid and dont' give a s*** about them. They drive big ass trucks they haul around four wheelers in the backs of their trucks. they have truck boat trucks. They think that words like racist and racism ONLY apply to white americans. they have no idea how close things were to total collapse in 2008, they have NO IDEA whats just around the corner (Hint: Nuclear War or Solar Storm, either way, city life will be much more interesting, but much shorter very soon)They throw rocks at ambulances during riots, They like to hurt people, they bought two selfiesticks and use them constantly. They think "hitting a lick" means ripping somebody off for 10 bucks, they go into the f****** hood three or four deep, and scared to death. They wouldn';t be so scared if they hadn't beaten somebody to death or stole somebody elses money or planted some drugs on somebody they just wanted to arrest because of profiling. They think respect means waving a gun around and then pointing it at a three year old child and his mother while screaming profanities like ":DOn't f****** move don't f****** move or I will shoot!" because they are so frightened. They don't understand that Guns don't save lives, they only take them, they don't understand that arrtests are made with organization, not posturing, they make laws that serve themselves. they game the system so that if you already have money, it's g****** smiple toi make a s*** load more of it, but if you odn't have money, you hjave better chances of winning the lottery than getting rich by working hard and dedication. They think that Imortality is something desireable. They think that performing an abortion while the baby's head is crowning by injecting fermaldahyde into the soft spot of the baby's sskull is acceptable for any reason. they think that a mother should not have a choice when it comes to keeping a baby or having an abortion. They don't believe in compromise (The abortion thing...Here's a compromise: Ban all late term abortions. If you can't make up your mind if youw ant to keep the baby before the thrid trimester then put the damn thing up for adoption. Here is another compromise: Ban pistol ownership but allow citizens to own Rifles. The only use a pistol has besides blowing out your TV screen is shooting another human being. Besides, Revoltions are not won with pistols. they are won with rifles. They write s*** like Too Long Didn't Read.....and finall,y, THEY VOTED AND WILL VOTE FOR TRUMP.

These popele...They are the worst. If you are one of these people, Thanks for destroying the world.

Dec 21, 2019

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