Retirement Home Love!

I'm 64, retired, and lived a regular life. My wife died but our love life died 20 years earlier. I volunteer at retirement facilities and found that they are actually full of vital, happy people who don't want to keep up a house anymore. Privacy is respected and suites up to 2 bedrooms, living room, kitchen and bathroom are nice, with housekeeping twice a week. The chef in the dining room is excellent! Folks are free to come and go as they please.

I met my 76 year old lover there. What family she has lives on the opposite coast and we found a great relationship together. One plus for us is our sexuality (bless my viagara!). She understands true elegance and great s**. I'm old school in loving a woman in silky lingerie, stockings or pantyhose and that's exactly what she wears! Our lovemaking is slow, tender and filled with great technique. She's always willing to try something new as well.

69 with her on top and me on bottom can last a half hour or more with multiple o****** by her. She swallows all my come and I gladly lick up all her juices. Pick a s** position and we probably do it, but we take our time and enjoy all the nuances involved. She loves being on her knees driving me nuts with incredible blow jobs.

She likes being bent over the counter top and being taken from behind, often in a lovely skirt with no panties, just pantyhose with the crotch panel cut out. She also entices me with wet pantyhose in the tub or shower. We love each other but it is a slow, experienced, understanding love. Maturity is very sexy and comfortable.

I could go on for hours about our relationship but basically we have the freedom, privacy, confidence and experience to love each other in this way. She is very real about life and we don't have the pressures younger people do. We simply focus on love. She knows I am writing this and when it posts we'll read it together before making love. She has decided to wear tan thigh high nylon stockings and a red silky robe (nothing else!) for the event. I thank you for sharing with us. Even if it was possible, I would never go back to being young again.

Dec 21, 2019

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  • So happy for you both!!!

  • Wow, I can smell the musty clunge from here!

  • Outstanding the two of yall enjoy life

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